Summer and Winter are stranger, more changeable, and generally warmer than when i was a child. Therefore there is a global warming issue.?

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Summer and Winter are stranger, more changeable, and generally warmer than when i was a child. Therefore there is a global warming issue.

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Reasons To Disagree

The argument for global warming is based on data collected over the past 150 years, I wonder how accurate the gauges used in the past were. I'm not saying there is definatly no global warming I'm just not convinced there is any evidence yet.

20 October 2005

Irregardless of the evidence (or lack thereof) for global warming, there is no reason to base any opinion of climate change on comparisions of the weather to childhood memories.

5 November 2005

Non Sequiter

3 March 2006

Based on this question, no

25 March 2006

Strongly disagree... because the premises for the conclusion are nonsensical. I believe there is global warming, but my memories from an idealised childhood, where EVERYONE will remember endless stunning sunny days with not a care in the world, vs. summers as grownups, what with those dirty jobs and everything keeping us from the sun, are irrelevant.

20 April 2006

Sorry but personal anecdotes cannot and should not be the basis for a decision on this issue. Scientific measurement can provide us with much more reliable data which is not subject to the vagaries of memory.

20 April 2006

The changing weather cycle has been going on for hundreds of years. The ice age began from the exact same effects but man hadn't created factories or cfcs before that. We may have slight guilt but it is a natural occurance

29 April 2006

Reality changes in one's memories. Of course there is a climate change issue. This question is extremely poorly worded.

10 November 2006

Perceptions change with adulthood.

23 June 2007

each year the earth gets closer to da sun... but that wouldn't change temperature now would it???

1 May 2008

Haha, no. Carbon dioxide emissions have an affect on how much heat is retained by the atmosphere, thats a fact, but the planet goes through cycles of heating and cooling, and our own contribution is minimal. At least for now.

4 November 2008

Go down to Franz Josef! Some years ago it was,"Panic! PANIC! The glacier is advancing." (I believe it's actually advancing again now.) The human impact on the climate is relatively quite minor and there is no way we can "put it right" even if it was significant. (Kioto's just another means of the left extracting money for its own purposes and would do nothing whatever to make any difference.) The weather varies - always has - always will - it is mainly due to variations in solar activity - we have virtually no effect.

22 December 2009


Reasons To Agree

There is irrefutable scientific evidence of warmer tempatures. What is causing them is in dispute. 300 years ago the Thames froze over for the last time during the last mini-ice age, so the climate has been warming for the last 300 years ago. No-one is sure when it will stop, so Global Warming is an issue for us. However, when the cause is known (my bets on the Sun) we can then plan how best to deal with it.

22 October 2005

Of course that suggests global warming but it does not specify the causes.

9 April 2006

There has always been tempature fluctuations i.e. 18 ice ages, I think the question is what impact are we having on the speed of changes.

20 August 2006

yes winters aren't as cold as when i was a child but , some warmer places in the world have become colder !!

11 May 2007

I don't think my memories of childhood are reliable enough to persuade me about global warming, but there is enough good scientific evidence that is very persuasive.

14 June 2007

Global Warming is real and effecting our earth

20 June 2011

Reasons for Remain Neutral

This question is nonsensical. It's saying that because I perceived the weather differently as a child that there must therefore be global warming. Who comes up with these questions? How is this a political question? Obviously I can't vote either way as I'm not provided any sensible options.

10 December 2005

global warming is an issue, but not for the reason stated.

2 January 2006

This is a ridiculous question. Childhood memories are in no way related to global-warming

1 November 2006

silly question

28 October 2007

there's a difference between climate and weather. Badly worded question.

10 October 2010

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