Gay and Lesbian marriages should be allowed by law?

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Gay and Lesbian marriages should be allowed by law

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Reasons To Disagree

Marriage is a religious practice and most eligions are agaisnt gay and lesbian marriage but i also think they should have some sot

15 September 2005

"marriage" is a religious ceremony, specifically a joining of a man and a woman (the bible says where there are two, so there am i, so a wedding is really between man, woman and god), for convenience factor, the rest of society have taken the general term "marriage" to mean ANY joining of man and woman (note that the ceremony still includes god, even if it is not a priest performing it) God is not interested in other unions (well, according to the bible anyway) therefore a gay marriage is not a "marrage". HOWEVER. Everyone has the right to love another consenting adult, and to make that union public. They do not have the right to take someone elses religous practice and distort it.

19 September 2005

Homosexuality is a lifestyle choice. Those who participate in a homosexual relationship are simply living out their particular sexual desires. Why a law change should be put in place to legitimise a lifestyle choice of a sexual persuasion is beyond me

30 March 2006

The law should have nothing to do with marriage.

22 April 2006

Marriage rights were for children not couples. Forget rights . The couples have responcibility to children and were given to tools to meet those rights, but we can take those away next .... And Mark my words. these feminanazi's will. CONTROL CONTROL CONTROL

19 June 2006

Homosexuals etc should be able to do what the hell they like - in private and out of my face. I am heartilly sick of having them perpetually thrust under my nose. But marriage - they cannot by definition engage in marriage. Let them devise a unique name for thier unholy union. And, while I am at it, can I have the word "gay" back - it was once a happy state to be in.

21 July 2006

Marrige is between a man and a women, not same sex couples. No Christian or Cathlic person IN THEIR RIGHT MINDS would ordane any marrige.

24 March 2007

fuck no

7 August 2007

I believe that Gay and Lesbian marriages SHOULD NOT be allowed. Children don't need to be around those kinds of things. That is why they are always confused when the homos adopt them! I think that those who are Gay or Lesbians are mentally ill. If people in general, were really MEANT to be homosexuals, we would ALL be the same sex! There would be NO male or female-just one gender. And we would all reproduce ASEXUALLY!!! Just look at the animals out there in this world. There is a male & a female, even insects. Some species however, are both sexes but still take two to make something. If you are gay or lesbian, you CAN NOT reproduce! You just can't. So what does that tell you? Obviously you were not meant to be, right? (Woman + Woman= 0. Man + Man= 0.) But Woman + Man= Life.

16 July 2008

if we change the definition of marriage which is at the moment between a man and a women and has been for hundreds of years we open ourselves to the slippery slope of men or women wanting to b e married to multiple partners. Then the folks that love their pets will want the right to marry them and where will it stop.

30 August 2008

A union between couples of the same gender is fine, but marriage is not. You can't call yourself "progressive" and "tolerant" if you force one group of people to accept another just because it's your opinion.

4 November 2008

Now what would GOD think.

31 March 2013

Its disgusting to even think of. If we let this happen, NZ is soon gonna be like America, full of transgenders, Bi sexuals, Gays and all sorts, and then it becoming incredibly rude to assume someones gender like we naturally should.

21 May 2017


Reasons To Agree

Gays and Lesbians should have rights to. However not the same rights a s a married couple because marrage is a religious union and religion disapproves of gays and lesbians.

15 September 2005

Of course homosexuals should have the same right to marry as heterosexuals. I'm married, and religion had nothing to do with it. I love my wife, I want to be with her until I die, and I want others to know of my devotion to her. Homosexual people are entitled to have this right also. You are simply a bigot if you think otherwise.

17 September 2005

This is one issue that I've definitey got an opinion on, personally - because I'm gay. We need more open-minded people in the world! It is possible to be gay and a Christian at the same time. It depends on how you interpret the bible. Personally, I don't mind whether GLBT people have civil unions or marriages, but they should have *at least* civil unions though.

14 November 2005

LOL - the sheer irrationality of every response in the disagree column speaks for itself. For the record, marriage is not necessarily a religious act, although it can be made into one. Learn to have respect for others different from yourself and the world will be a much better place. I suspect that the desire for gay and lesbian people to marry is so that they can celebrate the love they have for each other, make their relationships more stabe, protect and foster any children they may have, and to be a more fully integrated part of our community. All seems very good to me.

16 March 2007

Dont even bring religion into this. Honestly, i will rant on for hours. Really, the law shouldnt effect two peoples love for one another, but it makes people feel better to have written consensus so why are we stopping them? They arent hurting anyone.. actually this is none of our buiness, just leave them in PEACE!

15 October 2007

yes sure marriage is a religious thing but apparetnly god loves everyone equally why should it matter if their gay or lesbian you cant help who you fall in love with who cares!!!

31 May 2008

Yes marriage may be religious but it doesnt have to be if someone wants to get married it shouldnt matter what they are or who they love.

21 August 2008

You can't change who you fall in love with, just as you can't your skin colour. As a straight person I think society, particularly many religious organisation need to open up their minds and stop being so pathetic and insular.Freedom of choice and expression leads to a happier, healthier country.

15 September 2008

A human right should be that they marry whom they wish, and if you dont like it dont look at them

13 June 2011

Marriage was only adopted by religion. It is not defined as a religious institution, you people need to read history.

27 August 2012

God, the faggot hater. Sounds like a douch bag father, let his child die like a criminal. homosexuals can fuck all they like, its their life. If you say "I think they shouldnt be able to marry" Youre a douch bag too, you don't beleive in homo sex now others can't do homo sex even though they have different beliefs. Think if youre at a party, some fag god turs up, uninvited and says 'Hey! Everyone pray to me, if you don't you will burn in hell' He will laugh, looking around at the croud, then he sees a homo and shouts "Faggot, go die in hell!" What a douchbag god is, I almost spelt is dog by mistake... maybey they were always talking about the dog but some idiot spelt it god by mistake and then we heard his story and the real storys about dog were ignored... Shit, im a little tired now

14 August 2014

Everyone's there own person and loves who they love what happened to human equality and human rights - definetly yes 💕

26 March 2016

Reasons for Remain Neutral

I'm strongly in favour of the Civil Union Act, and believe that loving and committed relationships should be recognised and supported by the state, be they same sex, or opposite sex.

30 January 2006

I simply do not care.

18 January 2008

OK by me, but call it something other than marriage.

10 October 2010

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