There should be no limit on working hours?

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There should be no limit on working hours

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Reasons To Disagree

With advances in technology, and high levels of unemployment, it is not neccessary for eveyone to work more than 40 hours per week. However, employers find it is more efficient and cheaper to have one experienced employee work more hours rather than train another employee. Thus employees are expected to work more hours, or loose their job completely to their unemployed counterpart who will work a longer working week. Regulation is required to protect the employee, where labour market forces cannot do this alone.

27 July 2005

There should be firm limits, for the sake of everyones health.

10 February 2007

if a person wishes to work more than 40hrs on any giving week. i think that person is and should be entitled to do so.

4 July 2008

should be 50hrs

14 October 2013


Reasons To Agree

Horses for courses we all require different things in life and min no of hours able to work should not be able to limit ones decision. I would like part time with school hols so I can improve my families income others require to work 40hours plus due to their commitments and this needs to be a choice for the individual to make BUT... not determined by the employer. Employer has a requirment he/she expects from that job and if a superb person wants it but is only requiring parttime why not figure it out - two people to complete the work or maybe work from home etc etc. Leave working hours flexible.

14 September 2005

There are jobs where a worker can reasonably be on call 24 x 7. An individuals hours of work should be freely negotiated between the applicant and the employer. If the employer can't find anyone to agree to his terms and conditions, he goes out of business. If the worker doesn't like those terms or conditions - he looks elsewhere.

20 July 2006

It's called free enterprise and productivity. We need to lift our levels of productivity to get into the global game. You work more and earn more, the company earns more and profit shares. The issue here is the bollocks tax structures that hurt you because you work longer and harder (hense why many don't).

23 September 2008

Reasons for Remain Neutral

work harder make more money. simple

2 July 2009

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