Speed cameras should be limited to accident prone areas where those areas are sign posted?

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Speed cameras should be limited to accident prone areas where those areas are sign posted

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Reasons To Disagree

The whole point of the speed camera is to catch offenders off guard, what is the point of telling someone that there is a speed camera ahead? They should be caught and punished for their crime with no warning of whats ahead.

9 November 2005

I think speed cameras should only be put on highways and not be signposted because its too easy just to slow down when you see a sign and then keep on speeding.

10 November 2005

People shouldn't be speeding anyway - for safety's sake!

14 November 2005

If speed cameras are to be used to deter speeding or dangerous driving, their whereabouts should not be advertised. This way general driving standards are likely to improve.

14 February 2006

The law is the law.

20 April 2006

Speed cameras should be visible, to remind us to slow down but they should be allowed anywhere. Call them what they are - a stupidity tax!

20 April 2006

Speeding is still breaking the law. Why do I get the feeling that those hottest on law and order would like the police to look the other way on the offences they commit?

10 February 2007

We need more cameras and they should be allowed to hide them Speeding tickets are volintary

16 November 2007

speed cameras are best if considered as a deterrant - not a certainty in dangerous areas. by all means, mark certain areas as "black zones" so that offences may carry twice the penalty..?!

19 December 2007

Rubbish. If you don't want to get caught, don't speed. Let's have more unmarked police cars too.

10 October 2010


Reasons To Agree

Police say that the speed cameras are there to make the roads safer, but you always see them sitting on the onramps to straight parts of motorways, or on straight section roads well away from the dangerous winding roads. This gives a clear impression that they are raising revenue and not keeping dangerous roads safe.

13 September 2005

Speed cameras are all about revenue. The figures clearly show that absolutely no reduction in deaths on our roads can be directly attributed to speed cameras. Call them what they are, electronic tax collectors

25 March 2006

To say the law is the law is ridiculous...the law only exists because people decided it was the thing to do, we have the right to decide if it is still the thing to do or perhaps do something different.abolish the maori electoral roll

20 July 2006

OK - I'd accept the concept of cameras at black spots. But our speed limits are a farce! So much depends on conditions and on the abilities of the vehicle and driver. Sensible limits for the specific area would be respected far better than arbitrary rules. Heavy vehicles need better controls. The Aussies have more variable limits - why can't we?

16 December 2006

I really don't even believe speed cameras work. It's well known that people slow down for the camera and then speed up after passing it!

6 September 2013

Reasons for Remain Neutral

speed camera's are a bad idea anyway. No matter wher you put them, not matter how you label them they will never be as smart as a patrolling officer. Scrub the stipid camera's put cops in cars, and put the cars on the road. Not only will he catch fast cars, but also all the other dangerous stunts like poor passing, dangerous driving and those who should never drive in the first place Who Cares about stupid Camera's

19 June 2006

Speed cameras should be used more in accident areas or around schools etc. Their use needs to be tempered against the growing belief that they are purely for gathering revenue. As speed is an issue "high speed" areas should be targeted from time to time, but not as often as high risk areas.

4 November 2008

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