New Zealand should have a national identity card?

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New Zealand should have a national identity card

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Reasons To Disagree

Yes and we should all have micro chips, cause you never know when a law abiding person might suddenly turn into a gang member, terrorist or other bad person - Pity all those guys won't be affected (like guns, the good guys follow the rules, the bad guys don't. Yup, great protection)

19 September 2005

The information is already there, but not in one place. And the "if you have nothing to hide" comment is specious. There is a difference between a person looking up information on a specific reason related to the issue, and having one hackable database.

30 January 2006

Just watch the enormous great mistake being made by the UK in criminalising the whole population, by taking their fingerprints, iris scan, DNA (separately on a different register for the time being) etc, etc. Backed up by a database that will never forget any scrap of information. Please go back and read "1984" and similar books if you think this can ever possibly be a good idea. Refer to for more information.

22 May 2006

And the day will come where people will face the choice of the 'mark of the beast'

24 March 2007

Let's centralise all our vital statistics to make it even easier for others to commit identity fraud, blow our credit ratings, enable information sharing companies to sell our information - when they should be paying us for our vitals and allow ourselves to be monitored even more so.

22 June 2007

Decentralisation is key to individual freedoms. Individual freedoms are more important than collective welfare or injustices however much they might appear to serve "the greater good".

18 January 2008

Lets not allow the government to monitor and control every aspect of our lives eh?

4 November 2008

they already have access to alot of our personal information but lets not let it get any further....i can see where this is going and its f##kin scary stuff!!!

4 August 2009

no, the current system works fine, those who want to drive get a licence, those who want 2 leave nz get a passport, this is just going to be another horrendously expensive project which doesnt benefit us in any of the billions of reasons given by the govt, their priorities should lie elsewhere

31 October 2010

Waste of time and money

13 June 2011


Reasons To Agree

Would certainly help in identifying correct voters on voting day. If you have nothing to hide why would you be against it? The information is there anyway. Drivers Licence has photo id. Passports have the information and they are scanned whenever you go in or out of the country.Tax number for IRD already in place. Student Loan details all in place. And so it goes on.....It's all in place why not have it on one record? If people think the information isn't already around they are only fooling themselves.

28 September 2005

Reasons for Remain Neutral

WHY - doesn't NZ know who/what/where it is? For individuals - only if they want one.

1 September 2009

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