The working week should be limited to 35 hours?

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The working week should be limited to 35 hours

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Reasons To Disagree

An individuals hours of work should be freely negotiated between the applicant and the employer. If the employer can't find anyone to agree to his terms and conditions, he goes out of business. If the worker doesn't like those terms or conditions - he looks elsewhere.

20 July 2006

A 35 hour week would be ruinous for most families. Is govt going to automatically double the wage (and not just the minimum rate), or triple income tax to top up the WFF package. What a disaster. We need to encourrage personal responsibility rather than dependancy.

7 January 2007

no limit one can work as many or as little as they please choice becomes that of the worker not the employer

27 April 2007

Employees should decide with their employer how long they will work in a week.

7 June 2008

Which lazy sod came up with that idea

2 July 2009

40 is in our history.

31 March 2013


Reasons To Agree

People should work to live, not live to work.

10 February 2007

I agree. But first you must give employers more rights to develop better productivity. Employers should be able to fire people more easily than at present. Many "workers" are more concerned for their rights than for earning the wages they're paid and wouldn't work in an iron lung. I've been a worker, a boss, and an employer. I've seen it all and the emnployer get's a worse deal than most workers.

10 October 2010

Reasons for Remain Neutral

I am neutral on this, everyone would like to work less and get paid more. The solution is actually quite simple, increase productivity. You might find that a concentrated effort over 3 ten hour days produces more than the effort given in 5 eight hour days

25 March 2006

These laws apply to managers, not employers. managers do not always want what's best for the employer, and mistreat employees

14 December 2007

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