In order to provide tax cuts, the government should decrease spending on education?

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In order to provide tax cuts, the government should decrease spending on education

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Reasons To Disagree

While I don't support this in principle, having been involved in the administration of the education sector, there is certainly wasted expenditure which could be cut to either be re-allocated to classroom delivery or given back to taxpayers.

23 September 2005

Nope - Just kill the waste

19 June 2006

In order to provide tax cuts the govt should remove the complexity in order to better pursue the estimated11 - 40 billion black economy, the taxes from which would increase our health and education back to first world, not third.

20 August 2006

OMG who thought up this stupid opinion??? Uggh, its unbelievable. Tax Cuts are unecessacary compared to the future of our kids and the world they live in. Ick, just dont even get me started.

15 October 2007

No way. Education is in desperate need of more funding. If the headmaster of Wellington College thinks forcing parents to pay the "donation" is the answer (as he said recently in a newspaper article), he needs a reality check. What will happen to students whose parents can't afford to pay? They'll have to go to another school - somewhere that doesn't provide as good an education and as many opportunities. That'll only help to continue the poverty cycle of growing up poor, getting a bad education and then raising kids in poverty. More funding, not pseudo-privatisation, is the answer.

6 November 2007

Improve the direction of spending - vouchers - drop the extraneous PC stuff off the syllabus - pay teachers on performance not time-serving

28 September 2008

Perhaps they should stop tinkering with the education system. It worked once but not really any more. Decrease spending? Hell no!

28 October 2008

who says we need tax cuts.... the dumb sods in wellington are so far out of touch.... lower g.s.t to 10 percent... increase the high tax rate as the people in this bracket have not performed to deserve this..we have a underground economy in new Zealand costing billions in tax revenue because the trades are screwed and the customers want to pay cash, this has increased 2 fold since the so called tax cuts and the worst ones mr key who want to pay cash are the ones who you rewarded.. as for the average jo blow hes got no choice because you screwed him .. with the trickle down promise (yeah right) trickle up more like

17 September 2013


Reasons To Agree

Education is not the place of the Government. The brainwashing ability of the government's control are all too evident in the answers people have provided to this topic and are more than enough to show any rational person that education should be privatised. There is no public benefit to any education greater than basic numeracy and literacy.

5 October 2012

Reasons for Remain Neutral

It depends on where the money is going in "education". The system is too caught up in paperwork and processing information - it needs to be streamlined and simplified to reduce cost so that money can be redirected to teachers who actually have the most effective role in education. If deceasing spending means less teachers then the answer is a big fat no. Where money is being poured into black holes that see little or no educational results then by all means, cut away.

27 October 2006

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