Adequate public transport is provided in my area?

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Adequate public transport is provided in my area

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Reasons To Disagree

The only way children will know what a bus or train is in this area is to look it up in the public library. We have no train service from Helensville. It's a disgrace that there is track laid and no passenger trains to run on it

12 February 2006

I live in Auckland

26 March 2006

The new busway project will improve travel times for us, but people still have to get to the bus stations. The parking areas provided are inadequate and this is a big disincentive

18 October 2006

It doesnt work

20 October 2006

There's virtually none!

28 September 2008

whats public transport again- oh yea those buses that go once a day avoiding all places that people might want to go...

31 October 2010

NZ has shocking public transport compared to the rest of the world. Its almost none existent in many places, and in places where it does exist it is very inadequate and needs drastic improvements in all sections whether it be the bus system or rail.

6 September 2013

Only every half hour and less when they have replacement buses for rail. Our local buses do too many circle loops and take 1 hour to CBD and train is normally 20 mins.

14 October 2013


Reasons To Agree

We've got an excellent public transport here in the Wellington region and I often use it, personally.

16 March 2007

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