The company tax rate should be the same rate of tax that people pay?

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The company tax rate should be the same rate of tax that people pay

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Reasons To Disagree

Companies use more resources ETC than the average kiwi and certainly make a heck of a lot more money. I don't think its so much to ask that they help fund NZs economy more than normal kiwis.

4 September 2005

They are allready paying well less than the paye suckers now, when creative accountancy is properly investigated, not swept under the carpet.

20 August 2006

All tax is theft there should be no tax for anyone even companies Company tax is proven to be more harmful than personal tax. To make a long story short I wonder how many businesses would suddenly be profitable enough to start or hire more people without concerns about tax and such compliance etc

27 August 2012

how would you determine a tax rate ... sure it should be the same rate as say john keys personal tax rate ..... don't think they will do it.... should be higher than 28 cents in the dollar and double that for people that live in Auckland

17 September 2013


Reasons To Agree

Agree. NZ is made up of 80% small bussiness/small companies. Many people (especially those who have never had their own company) are under the illusion that these small companies work only "selected hours" and "make a heck of a lot more money" than the individual. In most cases this is not true. What these small companies do is employ people, provide a product or service, work long hours, and hopefully make a small profit for their efforts. They also are hand tied by bureacracy, filling out forms, collecting taxes for the government etc. If it gets to the stage that it is not attractive for small business/companies to continue they will close up or move off shore. Hence less tax collected in NZ for this countries needs, less employment etc. The Government collects its income from individual and company tax payers. That decreases therefore less income therefore the needs of the country can not be financially met.

28 September 2005

You guys dont get it. Taxation is taking what people rightfully have earned from the own toil. Removing this is a prividge to a goverment not an assumed right. Governments have a poorer record of providing services than private enterprise. The cost of providing the services is so wasteful. Privately owned education, health (provided there is competition !!! so avoid monopoly which is what goverment is) and retention of personal property rights as a core belief will re-establish this country.

13 August 2006

With the huge amount of small businesses in new zealand, there should just be one flat tax for everyone. We need to stop stealing from the working people and giving to those that don't deserve it.

6 June 2011

Reasons for Remain Neutral

Companies should be encouraged - shares dispersed amongst the poor - else we can't buy into our own success.

13 December 2007

dumb question - which people?

28 September 2008

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