All war is terrorism?

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All war is terrorism

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Reasons To Disagree

I don't think that all war is terrorism. Take WW1 and WW2 for example. The world would be worse off without those wars

15 September 2005

That is definately not true

15 September 2005

War is a specific event, usually with geographic boundaries, and usually has an end date. It has even been known to sometimes have rules of conduct (see Geneva Convention) Terrorism is none of the above. So all war is NOT terrorism. War is making a public announcement about your intentions - terrorism is the cowards approach. Why doesn't the Muslim world declare war on the western world and have at it, Crusade-style? Because they know they would lose, like last time. So they are trying to bring the western world to its knees in a slow, insidious and indirect way, gradually chipping away from inside.

28 August 2006

Nonsense - by definition. Clearly war waged in self-defence is totally justified.

20 September 2006

Nonsense! You have to fight for what is your freedom or you will lose it!

31 October 2006

Freedom is not free. Unfortunately there are those who have no respect for the freedom of others and unchecked they will propagate unspeakable crimes. A good example is the civil war in Sierra Leone. Western Militaries like ours are there to protect us and others from such monsters. Therefore, there are occassions when it is justified to wage war to protect peace. Not to do so may be morally Unconscionable.

28 October 2007

Untrue. Terrorism has many attributes that other forms of warfare do not. Terrorists do attack civilian targets- which differentiates from Guerilla Warfare. Terrorism is more reliant on media coverage than other methods of warfare, rather than poisoning water supply, which would undoubtably have great effect, terrorists would chose a more visible approach and detonate a bomb, striking fear into the hearts of people, rather than killing them. Also, terrorism is defined by its lack of a clear leader, rather than a distinct and unbudging hierarchy, terrorists are able to cope more easily than established nations and their armies, if they lose a leader.

20 August 2008

Terrorism is not war. Terrorism can be defined as the deliberating targeting of non-combatants for political purposes. A just war on the other hand does not deliberately target non- combatants or civilians.

7 May 2010


Reasons To Agree

I thought terrorism was "Anything the US doesn't like." And I don't think the US actually likes war, they just like playing with all the guns and stuff and then awarding themselves prizes at the end.

1 September 2005

Irrespective of whether a war is necessary, war is still terrorism. Those soldiers in the trenches in world war 1 and 2 were probably feeling the terror of it all, as were the civillians of England and Germany as bombs dropped from the sky, from both sides indiscriminantly. Many terrorists probably believe in themselves that their actions are neccessarry to achieve whatever that is. At the end of the day, all war is terrorism, and all terrorism is war too. Justification and righteousness just depends on what side you are on.

16 September 2005

^ What he said

27 March 2008

how is bombing other countries soil and kiiling civilians not terrorism? War is just another name for terrorism where they just delcare that they are going to bomb you before they do it.

2 April 2008

War is just terrorism with more strategy and resources.

30 June 2010

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