Jesus was a man who once walked on the earth irrespective of divine status?

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Jesus was a man who once walked on the earth irrespective of divine status

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Reasons To Disagree

We have absolutely no evidence that the person described in the bible existed. If you disagree, do your research--you'll be surprised. The person who says "historians agree on this" needs to do some more reading. It's also possible that the story of Jesus in the bible was at least partially plagiarised from other popular religions of the time. The evidence suggests Jesus is a fiction.

15 January 2007

There is no real proof - the bible does not count as proof, it was made up.

7 March 2011


Reasons To Agree

Irrespective of your belief that any God exists or that Jesus is the sun of God, there is still significant evidence that a man named Jesus once walked the earth and had a profound effect on all history every since that time, even if he could have been a false prophet.

31 July 2005

History tells us this is so

24 April 2006

Almost all historians agree on this. Divine status was conferred on him by later generations, and made a matter of doctrine during the 4th century.

11 August 2006

The Romans and Jews both recorded Jesus' crucifixion. Regardless of his divinity, Jesus definitely was a man.

5 May 2007

There is more written documentation on the life of Jesus than there is on the life of Julius Caesar

23 June 2009

There is enough evidence to suggest that a person by that name to which the Christian faith has attached divinity did exist. Just as much such evidence as there was of many other historical figures around that time.

27 August 2012

Reasons for Remain Neutral

Totally wrong

4 May 2007

If Jesus existed, it was as a man and so, in common with most men, would have walked on earth (where else?) He would also have breathed, eaten, etc, and ultimately, died - (just as any other man,) but it seems he died in a desperately violent and painful manner. "Divine status"? There's no such thing.

30 September 2007


10 October 2010

Cant be proven he didnt exist but he certainly had no divine status if he did. Should watch the movie "Man from Earth" and their version of events

11 August 2011

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