A war on terrorism unneccessarily diminishes our civil liberties?

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A war on terrorism unneccessarily diminishes our civil liberties

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Reasons To Disagree

Look at PATRIOT Act in USA and new anti-terrorism laws in Australia. These new laws pave the way for police-states and false democracy by illegalising dissent. Dissent and revolution are the ways to freedom.

1 November 2005

No - let's be clear on this - it is TERRORISM which unnecessarily diminishes our civil liberties! War is a contained out-and-out conflict with geographical boundaries and some eventual end-date. Terrorism is a creeping scary cowardly and cynical form of agression that can not be predicted therefore no one can feel safe - and safety is a civil liberty.

28 August 2006

A war on terrrorism may, in the short term, mean we have to accept some restriction to our liberties. However, we'll lose the lot if we don't pursue and win this war.

20 September 2006


Reasons To Agree

Legislation targeted at terrorists can be applied at everyone. If you want examples of how hysteria can be translated into law and then in to injustice, look at the abysmal record of the British against the IRA. Special Coursts, special rules of evidence, wrongful imprisonment.

10 February 2007

Terrorism by its very nature cannot be managed by military means. It is a criminal activity not a conflict between nation states

14 July 2007

This is the rub - to defend society with out giving away it's essential element - freedom.

28 October 2007

One of the aims of the "war on terrorism" is to curtail civil liberties. Our leaders want more power.

4 November 2007

Absolutely. How many laws have been rushed through because of a Percieved threat? How many more hurdles need leaping to avoid the risk of terrorism

28 October 2008

Reasons for Remain Neutral

A war on terrorism may reduce some civil liberties (it currently is but doesn't have to). However if terrorism became more rampant then the war would end up enhancing our civil liberties by reducing fear of terrorism (eg large sports events and flying).

9 December 2005

A war on terrorism doesn't exist. The "war on terror" is a rhetorical ploy, not a war. Wars are generally between states; sometimes more specifically between groups of people. How can you fight a war against a method of warfare?

30 January 2006

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