Abortions should be allowed if "your life, or mental health is in serious danger from carrying on the pregnancy"?

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Abortions should be allowed if "your life, or mental health is in serious danger from carrying on the pregnancy"

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Reasons To Disagree

No, Abortion is WRONG, has no one asked those who have had an abortion how their lives haved turned out? I know, as I've had one. Feelings of depression are consistent among all, both women AND MEN: feelings of Hopelessness, Blankness, Failure, Sadness, trapped, self-hatred, overwhelmed, helplessness, despair, grief, numbness, guilt, fear, blame, rejected/rejection, shame, abandoned, distress, anger, betrayed, confusion, low self-esteem, mental aguish, victim, self-punishment, darkness, and evil. And they will NEVER go away. We become worse. And only the Love of Jesus Christ can heal us, and restore our mental anguish, and heartache! THIS is based on FACT. Do your research before you condone abortions.

24 January 2007

At the moment 16,000 women a year obtain abortion on "mental health" grounds. Therefore we have a serious mental heath problem in this country!!

12 October 2007


Reasons To Agree

Abotions should be allowed. Its a womans choice. However, the cost should not be subsidised except for the reasons in the question.

6 September 2005

Abortion is a moral issue. The person who is best placed to make that moral judgment is the person involved - i.e. the woman who is newly pregnant, as first, it is her body, second, she is the one who will have to go through the blood, toil, tears and sweat, sleepless nights, and painful back-aches etc to carry and then give birth to a child, let alone to raise it. It isn't an easy decision - whatever she decides, and counselling with an aim to supporting her decision should be available. My own view is that a woman should have the right to abort a pregnancy as a matter or personal choice and autonomy, certainly in the first 12 weeks. After that, maybe it's time for the limits of danger to maternal health could be a criteria. It is very difficult to draw lines, particularly after the embryo becomes a foetus, and when it is viable in it's own right (not sure when that is). But the bottom line is, it should be the woman's decision.

30 January 2006

bortions should be allowed fullstop.

24 March 2006

Abortion should be allowed under any and all conditions. The current value ascribed to unborn humans is not rational. They are not yet capable of forming conscious memories, self awareness, or any conscious thought. The arguments against abortion are arguments from emotion, not reason, and have little to no pragmatic or practical basis. The only harm that comes from abortion is to the mother's body and mind, and only that needs to be addressed.

17 September 2006

Abortions should be allowed. It is the woman's choice, her child, her life she will be twisting to fit them. If we outlawed abortion, think how many unwanted, depressed children, beaten and raped there would be on the streets. Anyone saying that all babies have a right to be born should try giving birth themselves. Men have NO idea - unless they've shat a melon.

15 October 2007

Yes - once only! There is far too much reliance on the existing de facto availability of abortion on demand.

17 February 2008

Agree: but "your life or mental health refers to the mother. Indiscriminate abortion should not be a de facto form of eugenics

13 September 2008

Reasons for Remain Neutral

Touchy subject. As stated in reasons to agree it is, to some extent also a moral issue. But not entirely. Women also have the choice to have sex, and in doing so to use birth control. There is little reason for an unwanted pregnancy today. However, birth control occasionally fails - though not to the extent of current abortion rates - and rape takes the choice away entirely. I agree that it should be available for the above reasons - however I also think the current screening for these criteria is too loose and needs to be tightened. So until the criteria defining the above question is spelled out I cannot agree - yet in principle I do, for these reaons and no others.

24 May 2006

Interesting...so, who decides who lives?

4 July 2008

I STRONGLY DISAGREE WITH ABORTION!! Unless you were raped. However in this case, I would say...Pick your wife or your new baby. If it were me in this case, I would pick the wife because she is irreplaceable (and so is your new baby, but you already know your wife & love her. You DON'T know your new baby yet). Plus you both can just make a new one.

16 July 2008

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