Dentistry should be subsidised by the government?

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Dentistry should be subsidised by the government

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Reasons To Disagree

No dentists should have their prices controlled , they are rip off artists.

11 May 2007

It's not a legit function of gummint to give out "freebies" at the tax-payers expense. Otherwise why not just let them take ALL your money and dish out what they think you need? (Actually, they'd love that - to make you totally dependant on them.) HOWEVER I do believe that dentists grossly overcharge for their services. BUT - I guess they look around at the Beckhams, pop singers, rappers and sports pro's and think, "If they get so much - why not me? I do actually have valuable skill and knowledge."

4 August 2009

The government has no right to reallocate income to those that did not earn it

27 August 2012


Reasons To Agree

Either the government subsidise or else they take control of the huge cost

1 April 2006

For the lower income groups.

5 October 2008

Dentistry like all medical should be subsidised for ALL income groups without medical aids

16 October 2008


1 August 2009

Reasons for Remain Neutral

Some costs of dentistry are genetic/unavoidable. These can be subsidised. A better idea would be to make dental insurance income deductible

13 December 2007

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