Children should be considered by government (student allowances, WINZ) as financially dependent on their parents until aged 25?

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Children should be considered by government (student allowances, WINZ) as financially dependent on their parents until aged 25

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Reasons To Disagree

21 would be too old too and that uses traditional reasons!!! childeren pay tax at 16 and yet get no choice in their services, government,etc. this is wrong. it eliminates choice. people turn a blind eye to how hard it is to study these days. it is very hard to earn any money at all AND MOST PARENTS DONT GIVE THEIR CHILDEREN ANYTHING while they are studying...

15 February 2006

No responsibilty needs to be learnt and so does respect if you take that away you will only anger people who have made the right choices in life

3 March 2006

No, thats rediculous! How many peoples parents help them out financially when theyre 19/20 let alone 25!

21 March 2006

Once someone has left home(of their own choice) -They should become fully responsible for their actions. If they can't get a job - diddums! It's about time the government stopped deciding what they feel is 'right'

27 July 2006

This is a blanket argument - plainly, not all 24 year olds are financially dependant on their parents.

6 December 2006

By the age of 25, some people have already left home, gotten married and had full time jobs. They may have shed their parental dependencies. Some may have returned home because it's cheaper to live with their parents. Either way, we allow 18-year-olds to drink, vote, get married, smoke, join the army etc, so why should we suddenly treat them as children and dependent of their parents at 25 when many people have families by then? It's just an attempt at cutting costs.

22 June 2007

people normally get their first job at the age of 16 while still going to school and living at home..what does that tell you?that they arent getting anything from their parents so they get a job to buy their own 16 most of my friends were paying board because they had a job.wrong in a way but also teaches responsibility.i dont see what is wrong with a student loan or something like that because its something we still have to pay back,it would be exactly the same if our parents paid our fees.most parents would expect some amount of money back.

5 September 2007

It's ridiculous that the government thinks a person is financially dependent on their parents until the age of 25 - especially for student allowances. Most people have finished university by then and are working so the government never needs to pay any allowance to these people, despite a lack of support from parents because they can't afford it. I smell a rat.

6 November 2007

some kids have crap parents. Ones the'd never choose as a lifestyle choice. You can't punish kids (withold support) for that. The point of government is to support people making good decisions, not subsidising those who make bad one.

27 December 2007

Hell no! i havnt finacially depended on my parents since i was 16 and im WAY better off for it

31 January 2008

I havent lived or had financial support from my parents for well over two years, yet am not eligible for many loans/allowances because of their income, which I feel is irrelevant to my circumstances.

1 June 2008

I was financially inderpendent at 16 and had moved out of home. I am unable to get any help from the government because my parents eaarn to much. I havn't spoken to my parents in close to 2 years. One age for everything.

4 October 2008

I believe that once children gain the vote, can enter bars and pubs, they are deemed to be adults by the Government and financially independent

15 October 2008

This would not work, really it is a ridiculous suggestion. Some parents are able to support their children after school age, but there are many who have struggled for years and could not sustain supporting themselves AND young adults with young adult needs. Not only that, this society has been fostered as individualistic, the whole system supports this through neoliberal concepts. Parents are being asked to save for their own future - this is not sustainable if they are supporting the youth in society to the age of 25. Do we think some youth would not take advantage of this concept??

28 April 2009

This has been my biggest problem. I was in a situation where my parents wouldn't support me and they refused to write a letter to WINZ and studylink to help me obtain my weekly benefit. I have spent the last 5 years since leaving school struggling because of this and I imagine it will go on for up to 3 more years as I am 22 now.

12 June 2009

It is up to parents to decide how long they will finance their kids - not the gummints!

4 August 2009

the system were some people get allowances and some have a loan is ridiculous, it is disadvantaging the furture leaders for soemthing they have no control over.

28 April 2010

No way, you are considered an adult at 18. The gov should remove the term fees.

11 May 2011

Usually a child is no longer conisdered dependent when he/she is an adult that is no longer at school. Which is usually 18. Most children leave home between 18-21 and therefore not directly dependent on parental income.

29 June 2011

Absolutely not, From the moment I was 18 I had no financial support from my parents at all.

21 July 2011

No, that's idiotic. I am nineteen and I had to go on the benefit, my parents wouldn't help me, but their income is high enough to. My boyfriend is 20 and his dad won't help him, and I don't blame him either.

26 October 2011

It is unfair on the parents to be expected to provide financially for a 25 year old

2 May 2012

That's just ridiculous! If anything that age should be lowered!

13 June 2012

Benefits are proceeds of theft; pure and simple. Money is taken from those that work, without their consent, and given to those whom the government deems necessary to subsidize. This is morally indefensible.

27 August 2012

The majority of children are lucky to get any financial aide from parents past 18.

23 May 2013

What no I'm 21 , my partners 24 and we have a two year old son and our own house , cars etc , both have jobs but if something happened to put jobs and we needed to go on Winz your saying we couldn't because we're under 25. That is way to old and everyone has different circumstances plus my parents live hours away

27 March 2016


Reasons To Agree

Some children are mature than others and have more independence than others no matter what parents always should try to help their children but children have to learn to become independent as well may be the government could have something in place for the sereve cases

20 March 2006

Yes and no.. It would be a grand idea for say children over 13... however it would have a sever impact on economy in new zealand and probly cripple us all financiall and cause further depression.

28 July 2009

Wholly agree for the unemployment benefit, parents should still cease receiving money from WINZ to support them at age 18 though. That way they have seven years where they will have no choice but to work and perhaps we could break this pan generational cycle of long term unemployment and reliance. I fully support student allowance being available for those who wish to study though. A system like this would mean that between the age of 18 and 25 you either worked or got an education, you didn't smoke dope and get on the dole.

29 November 2011

Up to 21

14 October 2013

More and more children want to stay at home because it's too expensive to move out.

17 August 2014

Reasons for Remain Neutral

I think we should define an age when a person officially becomes an adult and then set all the laws based on that age. For example if we decide you become an adult on your 18th birthday then this is the age when you can ... > Get a drivers licence > Be involved in armed conflict > Go to the pub > Vote > Use a firearm > Be tried in adult court > etc.

31 August 2005

I Agree with the Neutral comment.. One age for all. If you can legally vote at aged 18, then you are an adult under the law. All WINZ or government based funds should be based on that age.

29 November 2005

I also agree with the one age to be come an adult!

6 January 2007

We need an age of maturity and then all these things can be set at that age.

19 April 2007

only if if in school

18 September 2007

I STRONGLY Agree with Neutral comment...where is common sense??

8 February 2008

if a student is considered dependent on their parents till age 25 then why aren't other benefits eg Unemployment, Sickness etc treated in the same way?

15 May 2009

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