Decriminalise consensual sex for children as young as 12, provided their partner is no more than two years older than them. ?

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Decriminalise consensual sex for children as young as 12, provided their partner is no more than two years older than them.

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Reasons To Disagree

this is disgusting although most 14 year olds are having sex these days

15 February 2006

I think children these days are starting eariler, but to change the age would be just encouraging it, it would be to hard to make sure that their partner is actually no more than 2 years

20 March 2006

The danger of the older partner having undue influence over teh youger is highhly likley as teh age diffierence at that age is much more significant than at latter years.

26 March 2006

Most 16 year olds (or for that matter many adults who indulge in "casual sex")cannot cope with the emotional side of a sexual relationship what makes anyone think a 12 year old can handle it?

20 April 2006

There is more to life than just sex, esp sex at 12! There is a reason why children are called children - because they are considered innocent and unable to make big decisions. What is it with this country when it wants to make children into adults. Let children be children, and not force them to be adults.

6 December 2006

Why not 6? The younger the child the less culpable they are. In any case legality won't make a blind bit of difference - they all know that that they won't get punished. What's more important is the question of what to do should a pregnacy arise.

15 January 2007

Are you crazy?!! There is more to life than just sex, esp sex at 12! There is a reason why children are called children - because they are considered innocent and unable to make big decisions. What is it with this country when it wants to make children into adults. Let children be children, and not force them to be adults.

24 January 2007

no way with the age 16 the amount of 14 year olds that are already doing it is ridiculus enough putting it up will push the rates up

7 March 2007


18 March 2007

Would you want your 12 year old daughter/son having sex? gross!

31 January 2008

12 come on people.... dont you think theres teenage pregencies with young girls who end up solo parents with no life!!!! its wrong 12 year olds should be thinking of having fun and enjoying life not worrying about men!!

21 August 2008

Would you make the drink driving limits looser just because moe poeple are drink driving? This idea either came from pimps or from a system which feels helpless because they don't know how to stop underaged poeple having sex. Maybe if i get away with murder enough they will let me get away with it...

3 October 2008

sick poll, protect children at all costs.

15 October 2008

The human rights state that 12 year olds are children!! It would be very sick if we allowed consensual sex before a child is old enough to understand the consequences. Children rely on adults to provide boundaries, protection and guidance - this would be taking advatage of their trust.

28 April 2009

Sex is a very powerful thing it can bring great joy and pleasure or it can bring despair and bring on a life of regret. Children need to be children and should be given some form of protection. There is more to the issue of "under age sex" than just pregnancy and STDs. Self respect is important as is the strength to to say no. The concern I would have with decriminalising what is now underage sex is that young people will succumb to peer pressure and do something with someone they would prefer not to or be taken advantage of, spending the rest of their lives regretting it. It's a hard one and it has no simple answer.

15 May 2009

ABSOLUTELY NOT! CHILDREN SHOULDN'T BE BE THINKING ABOUT SEX in a physical context with each other. they should be discovering themselves.

1 May 2011

At 12 you are a child, there is no reason to have sex.

11 May 2011

I believe 16 is an acceptable sex age any younger is before a child knows his/her values, morals and can think for themselves. A young girl (or boy) is sometimes to naive to know when she is being taken advantage of. This would send the wrong message. Imagine children that young getting pregnant/ STIs that would be very sad to see.

29 June 2011

absolutely not! I think one of the worst problems society faces is the over sexualisation and sexual abuse of children. There is no way that a 12 year old is emotionally ready for sex. Things like this cause lifetime problems that are often unseen.

21 July 2011

No. No. No. A 14 year old can still take advantage of a 12 year old.

26 October 2011

OMG I can't even believe this is up for the vote, they are babies. What if the child's mind is not developed enough to cope, this is a terible way to start life. They can't support an Adult relationship both Emotionally & Financially, why put life changing choices like this out there when we can already see young single parents who have missed out on soooo much.

23 November 2011

Teach our children to remain as children. Teach them to obstain and to treat each other with respect. To date when they are 16. To get married at around 24 or 25 and to remain true and faithful to their one partner. That is why there is so much youth suicide, parents are allowing their children to date young, have partners, allow them to go on a contraception....let them grow up and mature before they dwelve into adult it's hard enough for Adults to deal with relationships let alone children. It's very irresponsible for adults to allow this to happen to their children.

1 December 2011

Teenagers shouldn't be having sex!

31 March 2013

The fact that this is even a discussion surprises me. What are you thinking?? I highly disagree with every inch of my soul!!! 12 year olds should act like 12 year olds.. Not 18 year olds.. The media alone has a high effect on kids these days, I see a lot of 10 - 15 year old girls walking down the street in what is so called 'in' fashion.. Yeah sure... Short skirts and low cut tops or even shirts that show half their belly!!! Yeah sure that's ok for ADULT women to wear, but not kids.. It's just sending out all the wrong message.. It's pitiful and degrading. We need to teach our kids to respect their body. And decriminalizing consensual sex for kids at 12 is only going to encourage them further.

20 May 2013

Sex should be saved for marriage.

23 May 2013


Reasons To Agree

If 2 children aged 13 and 14 have consensual sex, should the 14 year old (or the boy) be charged with rape? or just grounded by their parents for the next few years.

27 August 2005

Children will experiment with sex, we have acknowledged this by teaching sex education in schools. Difficult to punish a child for something he was taught was OK in school the day before

25 March 2006

It's more fun that way

29 April 2006

good job bob

11 May 2006

aint nuin wrong wit a lil bump n grind

10 August 2006

Although it might be a good thing to teach young people to abstain from sexual contact at that early age, to make it a criminal act is absurd. Kids do experiment whether we older ones like it or not. In my work I have seen sad cases of procedures taken against young people because of the law cause far more long-lasting damage than the sexual play itself. Educate young people well and arm them with knowledge and a real respect for our sexuality. Make sure they know how to avoid pregancy or disease. And if 2 young people do have consensual sex together treat them with love and wisdom, and help them to value themselves as sexual beings and make wiser choices in the future.

16 March 2007

Is strongly agree because they shouldn't be haveing sex at the age of 12 bvecause they are not even a teenager yet and if they get pregnant they don't have no way to take care of it and etc. they should raise the age to at least 15 years of age.

3 October 2007

I first had sex at 13, my partner was 13, and it didn't do any harm, and i dont know who anyone who hasn't. (And before you think i was raised in South Auckland or some ghetto, i actually live in Remuera. Theres nothing wrong with it. Just relax a bit and stop trying to hold on to your kids, your just a joke to them anyway.

18 April 2008

if there old enough there old enough law cannot say when some1 becomes of age

1 May 2008

I STRONGLY agree because they shouldn't be having sex at the age of 12 because their spouse gets pregnant they have no way of taking care of them. They are still babies, themselves! And parents who allow their child to have sex like that are VERY idiotic! Sex is something you do to MAKE a child! Have you people forgotten the TRUE meaning behind sex?! That is why you are supposed to save it for marriage! It's the WHOLE point! So you find the one who will always make you happy, marry them, and reproduce. Sex is for you and your wife or husband, not as a child. Whatever happened to the old times when you were looked at strangely or called names, for not waiting until marriage to have sex? We NEED to bring those times BACK so our babies will not be having babies! People really need to watch your children more often then you think.

16 July 2008

They Can do what they want with their bodies. but yes it is suitable for it to be 2years I, Myself would probably say 18 months

16 February 2009

You cant stop them doing it anyway. No point in ruining the boys life. like I always say Its the parents responsibility to bring there children up. They make decisions in life knowing what consequences they may face and the parents should teach them. Nothing wrong with scaring the crap out of them with the truth.

2 July 2009

Reasons for Remain Neutral

kids and teenagers will always make errational decisions, some will have sex some wont you cant punish teenagers for growing up.

3 March 2006

so complex matter i have no idea

17 May 2006

This is a hard one. Children generally have sex education when they are 12-13,so it is fair to assume that they do understand the consequences if they choose to.How many people actually get charged for having consensual sex underage anyway? Most people would never get found out(other than by their parents,who wouldn't want their child to be charged).

1 November 2006

Its each individuals choice when and who they want to have sex with!

7 November 2006

Too difficult! Perhaps if we weren't so mucked-up about sex by moralists, there would be no need of regulation by the government.

10 February 2007

We need an age of maturity and then all these things can be set at that age.

19 April 2007

On the one hand, do we want to encourage children to have sex. On the other hand, do we want to prosecute 14 and 15 year olds for having sex with their girlfriends.

5 May 2007

I'm not being sexist but I don't think there should be any age restriction on males but an appropiate age on females

4 November 2007

Sex isn't necessarily dirty. The french have a similar rule (the rule is: "of the same age" i.e. +/- 1 yr) - removing the gate from age 16 might do something to give kids a clue that it's not something as mechanical as to lend itself to regulation.

27 December 2007

The only thing wrong with young teenagers having sex is the pregnancy factor - but that's not wrong that's just inconvenient and young teenagers should know that. Instead of phony outrage from the public, a little rational thinking would better reach a resolution: consensual sex [at that age] is not wrong, but it could lead to very inconvenient and disruptive consequences.

13 May 2009

It should be 14+ with two years difference..... Consenual between such people eg if they are dating and can be proven to be mature and responsable for their actions should not be punished for wanting to do something that they can and will most likely do. If one party was against it it would be rape then the offender can be punished.

28 July 2009

Not to sure as I feel to be having sex at 12 is far to young, however I did know of a few people having sex at such a young age so maybe it could be providing the age gap isn't anymore than a couple of years?

6 September 2013

Dear Government What are you going to do when you have 1000 pregnant 12 year olds on your hands and the parents can't afford to take them in or the kid that actually got pregnant is still fucking 12 years old and has to take time off their education because they're in labour or have to breast-feed their baby?? 14 is a better age, although still not a good choice if the girl gets pregnant, but still enough so that they fully understand the consequences of what could happen.

21 May 2017

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