"Jedi" should be collated as a valid answer for the religion question on the next NZ Census?

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"Jedi" should be collated as a valid answer for the religion question on the next NZ Census

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Reasons To Disagree

What is this jedi thing anyway

15 September 2005

Sure why not add the nz all black fan club religion as well. Religion is only a set of rules and beliefs fundamentally diffeing fom spiritual world views.

17 September 2005

Jedi is as valid a contibution as "blum pickle roger leave the telly alone hmmm I'd like some yoghurt, any of you guys or girls or whatever like yoghurt, I like chocolate dairy food, how about you? I get to eat cupcakes today, yay!" is to this discussion! Silliness as an argument is silly.

24 December 2005

I totaly disagree how can a religion be made up by a movie which was based by a book which was written by a person who just wanted to make money of it.

6 August 2007

IF (IF!) there is any need for data on religion, people should be free to name their own, whatever it may be. Jedi has the same validity (i.e. none!) as any other, so, if anyone wants to claim to be a jedi - let 'em! However, ones personal beliefs, or lack of them, has damn-all to do with gummint - or statisical analysts.

30 September 2007

Silly question

28 October 2007

All religion should be abolished

7 March 2011

If people adhere to that faith, they could write it in the comments section

12 August 2011

Jedi is not a religion, not even a fictitious one.

22 March 2014


Reasons To Agree

Silly question, really

27 August 2005

Jedi is the same religion as referred to in all the Star Wars movies, see www.jedichurch.org. In the last NZ census, Jedi was not counted as an allowable answer. Religions such as Wican and Satanism were counted. Jedi was collated as "the answer was understood, but will not counted". It was estimated that more people answered "Jedi" to the religion question, than many other commonly known religions. The inclusion of religions cannot be judged on the basis of fiction, as many religions are fictional. For the purposes of statistics, the Jedi answer should be counted.

16 September 2005

People have the right to believe whatever they want and live however they want (obviously as long as its not harmful to others) whether that be through christianity, judaism, or the way of the Jedi. At least its not Satanism.

18 September 2005

There can be no invalid answers to a question "What is your religion?" A religion is whatever anybody wants to say is a religion. It would be pointless to print it on the form, but nothing wrong with people who write it in the box for "Other - specify".

11 April 2007

If people are putting this answer under 'other' and it is in fact a real religion, then I don't see why not.

20 July 2008

All religion comes from books, so why not jedi?

30 June 2010

Add in pastafarian too:) Who says what can or can't be constitued as a justifiable belief?

17 December 2011

Religion is a personal matter and if enough people represent the Jedi view it should be counted.

28 February 2013

Reasons for Remain Neutral

What the hell is the Jedi religion?

15 September 2005

I admit it, I was a jedi in the last census. My friends where serious, I was not. It should have been counted, I am amazed how many people take the klingon language and use it, how many take the jedi religion and practice it. (i wont say get a life, cause my life is watching tv, bet yours is too.)

19 September 2005

It seems to me that if people are sincere in their belief of the Jedi religion it should be collated. On the other hand doesn't this open the door for other religions like Matrixism ( see http://www.geocities.com/matrixism2069 )? I am perplexed.

14 July 2006

Since answers to this question are usually of dubious validity [people give an answer even if they don't practice a specific religion], the question should not be asked at all.

16 March 2007

Who cares? It has just as much basis in reality as the Abrahamic religions.

10 October 2010

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