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I like the NCEA assessment system

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Reasons To Disagree

A system that deliberately hides information by only revealing what a student has passed, not what he has attempted, combined with too much focus on internal assesment is bound to cause troubles. Talk to any employer, the information in an NCEA report doesnt reveal anything about a students abilities

25 March 2006

I am a significant employer of finance professional and non-professional staff. At present I am unable to use NCEA results with any degree of confidence and as such are irrelevant to my employment decisions.

26 March 2006

Too easily manipulated by schools to present false "favourable" results for individual schools, as is happening at our school at the moment.

24 May 2006

As a student currently doing the NCEA system I can tell you that it is the most impossible education system to navigate. The grades are too widespread, excellence being far too difficult to obtain, and achieved being below the 50% mark. If we are not to get a percentage, the least they could do would be to grade us with the A+, A, A- etc style. At least it separates those who would get 80% (a merit) and those who would get 65% (a merit also). The system is based entirely on learning exactly what you need for one particular paper, many being internally assessed, for which, depending on what school you go to, the marking standard can differ dramatically. It does not foster any love for learning, or learning for the knowledge, rather than just to pass an exam. By giving students the same acknowledgement in credits whether they get achieved or excellence, it also encourages thoughts such as, I have 80 credits now, I don't need to do any more assessments, and mainly the focus of just passing, not excelling. With this system in place, it seems as though NZ is trying to standardise each and every student, so that everyone passes, and so that no one feels 'inferior' when getting a low mark, compared with someone who receives a high one when really we should be nurturing these high achievers, not trying to make them an 'average' student. With these kinds of attitudes being taught at our schools, that being average is okay, that just passing is enough to succeed, it is no wonder that NZ is sorely lacking in several departments requiring highly qualified workers, that we have not won a great amount of awards, sports or otherwise. We are harbouring young adults who have no competitiveness or drive to succeed, something which is needed in todays world.

29 May 2006

I was a "Guinea pig" of the NCEA system. The system was confusing and the teachers weren't able to explain alot of the mistakes we found withing differnent assignmet outlines,marking schedules and even end of year exams. Not good enough.

26 October 2006

I hate the NCEA systeM!!!!! As i said, the Cambrisge and IB system is so much better

30 December 2006

The NCEA system is a disgrace to the country and needs to be vastly improved before a nation of 'drop-outs' has a chance to occur

18 March 2007


9 April 2007

It's obviously not working, as shown by the growing number of schools choosing alternatives. The NCEA philosophy is a sound one: of providing a genuine education and measuring progress and ability accurately, rather than a system that ranks and stigmatises people, often with no real correspondence to actual ability or achievement. However, so far NCEA scores a "Not Achieved". Let's hope they get it right soon though, since a culture of failing all the less able students is not "education" either.

11 April 2007

The only people who like NCEA are those who hate success and achievement and are frightened of judgement on merit - be that of themselves or others. NCEA is all about disguising the failings of the BAD teachers and giving undeserving pupils a meaningless award.

15 April 2007

I like having internal as well as external exams. But as for the grading - the number of times I've missed out on an excellence by one sentence...! Having more grades (like A+, A, A- etc.) would be much better. Also, some assessments/credits are easier or take less work than others, which is unfair for those students taking harder subjects.

23 September 2007

i do not, and im sitting it soon. In NCEA, i will get the same all inclusive marks if i get 79% as if i get 60%. Clearly these are not the same and it is unfair to students to squeeze them into 3 categories. If begets the question, why bother to get 79 is ill get the same mark if i stop at 60% The oTHER fault with NCEA 9from a students point of view) is that, in the maths, a prior, practical knowlegde is needed in the excellance questions. my friend got a merit because she did not know what a trade in for washing machines was. she got all the maths right but her lack of skills on purchasing washing machines LOWERED her mark considerably. This is basely wrong - how can you expect 14 year olds to know the finer points of tax, interest and purchasing (the market)

22 November 2007

I am a current student and this is while a vaguely fair analysis it is from someone who did not pass NCEA. Thus, the information they provide is heavily biased. I currently to NCEA at the moment and despite the comment that the NCEA with excellence is "incredibly hard to get" I would like to inform the people of this site that I have gained it in internals alone. Internals are the fault of NCEA and that is is rediculously easy. Also it serves people right if they only tried yo pass and now can't get them, most of these people are only kidding themselves if they thought they would have done better anyway.

22 November 2007

NCEA is a waste of time, I did not pass in any levels and now earn more than an average woman at only 17.

31 January 2008


1 May 2008

the NCEA system discourages hard work and undermines academic achievements. It does not challenge students or prepare them for Tertiary level education.

1 June 2008

Currently it provides soft options for students and there is no challenge

4 November 2008

I personally don't like the NCEA assessment system. The just can't stick to one thing. Every year, there is always a change. I don't like that!

20 May 2009

The NCEA system was put into place because too large a percentage of students were failing school c. So the National government decided that rather than improving the curriculum and cleaning up the education department in general, they would instead create a new system of making that would allow students to pass more easily. NCEA is notoriously difficult for teachers to understand and also involve more work

28 June 2009

maths and english should be essential to to pass ncea not just a certain amount of credits from cooking class. The assesment throughout the year is good though rather than relying on the one exam at the end of the year

3 July 2009

there should be an assesment of character not just knowledge, brightness comes with little common sense

18 February 2010

I'm currently a University student and I took NCEA 2005-2007 and passed all Levels easily. At the time I did not see anything wrong with the system, it seemed a lot easier then old system. But now being at Uni I can see all it flaws. I agree with above it, it does not make students want to learn and try for the high grades. It doesn't teach students failure and it really does not give students an understanding where they are at and what they need to improve. It also doesn't have anything to do with the university marking and assessing system. The first year I failed university due to this factor. I thought high school was about getting students ready for the next stage of their lives, whether that is working or if that is going to university/polytech yet I clearly wasn't ready. NCEA baby's students, we need a system that challenges them at what ever learning level they are at and also promotes competition.

21 June 2011

Grading systems like NCEA don't address what isn't understood or what is misunderstood and how to improve because of that, only that there is something wrong and that it needs to be improved on. There is no one standard for understanding, there is only criteria for understanding. Education should become more individual-oriented.

5 November 2011

I saw the Nigel Latta thing about education with the NCEA system and it's not that great. It's completely wrong.

17 August 2014


Reasons To Agree

What a lot of hype there is about this, mostly from people who know little about it. Standards based assessment is a great way to tell us what we can do and at what level we can do it at. It makes a whole lot more sense the the stupid UE system which which didn't tell you very much at all!!!

5 September 2005

I did NCEA during the guinea pig year and I am pleased to say I failed based upon my own merits, the system had nothing to do with it! :)

16 September 2005

There will never be a working exam system that everyone agrees on, when you think about it its not examining the students logic, its the memory of students, it doesnt reflect your years work just howe could you could cram and how lucky you got. there's not problem with ncea it states just what you can and cant do, anyone can pick up your results and say, "well this girl cant land a plane but she can fly is with excellence" so no she wont be a good person to get to fly our big planes for air new zealand, where as under the old system that girl could have 70% in flying a plane but what we dont know is she crashes everytime she lands. NCEA provides the students with what they need to gian an achieved, merit and excellence so we all know where to aim. the other problem is what happens to us the students who have sat ncea? what if you change it now on us? if we dont got onto further studies employers will laugh at anyone who has NCEA on their C.V. leave it how it is, if its not broken dont fix it

2 November 2006

I was part of what was the first generation of NCEA. It was no easier nor less difficult then what School Certificate seemed. One had to work for internal assessments for the entire year then at the end of it one had to sit exams just the same. My education was no less because of the new name in fact I did very well and came away new skills - as one should during the year. There is a lot of hype for all the ignorance of the subject that people have. In fact, we hear more of the adults arguing about it when really we should be taking more feedback from the students right in the middle of it. The truth is that some people are just afraid of change; of some big liberalistic conspiracy to soften the world. It's all in the head, move on.

15 April 2007

No system is perfect but the NCEA is a vast improvemnt on what we had before.Education is always a work in progress. Time to concentrate on getting it at 100% perfect rather than the continual mistakes which keep emerging.

27 April 2007

As the partner of a teacher, I've had to get my head around this new system just to understand her when she talks about her day at work. Whilst I was sceptical at first - this messy, seemingly disorganised and complicated system raises a lot of questions - after talking it through with someone that *has* to know about it, things became a lot clearer. Just remember that the media has an interest in sensationalising a story, and I think this is evident in how they portray NCEA: you'll only get interviewed if your decidely against it or for it, and those more moderate middle-ground views aren't reflected appropriately. As far as the system is concerned, I think it's natural to be wary of a system that allows more freedom; there has to be more checks and balances present to make sure it's functioning as intended. But thinking back to when I was at school, with School Cert and Bursary, and comparing it to the actual teaching done now (as evidenced from my wife's teaching plans and work), the current system, whilst criticised for being 'flakey' and 'chaotic', actually is much more able to teach a wider range of topics with much greater flexibility. Before rushing in to judge, and being reliant on a 'headline-drive' media for all your information, speak to a teacher: I can guarantee that if the system has it flaws, they'll be the first to tell you all about it.

13 August 2007

It levels out the playing field. Auckland University released a study to say their current students (all educated under NCEA) are of a higher calibre with better study habits because they are used to working steadily throughout the year and not just cramming for exams.

12 January 2008

ncea is an excellent system that works for millions of students nationwide. you can't judge the system if you have not sat any ncea subjects!

18 July 2011

i am a collage student and i think it is fine the levels motivate me to achieve higher cause i know what is expected of me to achieve what i wanna achieve in life

17 August 2011

It is better than other countries

10 December 2011

Reasons for Remain Neutral

I have found that for my child it worked very well. I have a child that is dyslexic and although perfectly intelligent, has enormous trouble in doing exams and the NCEA system worked very well to get him a qualification

26 October 2006

NZQA have now added a new idea into the system of NCEA. A student can get 'NCEA with Merit' or 'NCEA with Excellence', although these are incredibly hard to get. The student has to have at least 50 Excellence credits to get NCEA with excellence. Although this does recognize very high achievers, NZQA introduced it halfway through the year, meaning people who had just tried to achieve and not tried too hard for the higher marks had no chance at all!

19 September 2007

Needs work.

10 October 2010

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