Our education system needs reviewing?

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Our education system needs reviewing

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Reasons To Disagree

Our education system is reviewed too much, and changes are costing and timeconsuming. It doesn't really mater what the assessment system is, the purpose is to grade students, so that an employer can determine which is the best across a range of subjects, and so schools can be compared to see if the teachers are doing a good job. It doesn't really matter if a D is perceived as a fail or not.. it just means you got a better mark than the person with an E and a lesser mark than the person with a C. If I am out of date with my opinion here, then that only adds weight to my argument, because if we don't understand the assessment system, then whats the point.

6 September 2005

the education system is perfectly fine. its getting poeple into uni that deserve to be there. it is wrong to give certain minority groups i.e Maoris a free ticket into uni. You should have to work herd and be focused in life to get where you want to be

18 July 2011


Reasons To Agree

Yes we all have different ways of learning, interests and career plans, some people are forced to attended classes they do not want to attend which is a waste of their learning time , the other students who are interested and their teachers, everyone should have the right to choose their path and consintrate on that.

20 March 2006

Many things need to be reviewed, how many holidays a year should schools have, what hours should they be open, how big should the school be, how big should the class be, zoning, funding, the list goes on and on

25 March 2006

Parents do not have enough input into their children's education,schools do not have to keep parents informed about pupils' progress any more,schools can & do actively discourage pupils staying at school if it appears that they might not pass NCEA (& thereby ruin the school's pass rates),these things are all happening at our child's school at the moment & there appears to be little parents can do about it, or a principal running out of control.Legal lines are VERY blurred around the area of school governance.

24 May 2006

Emphatically YES! The teaching profession has been highjacked by the left and the pathetic performance of schools reflects their social engineering "success".

20 July 2006

Absolutely! The Cambridge and IB system is far more resuring than the NCEA system

30 December 2006

I think school is irelevant. I didnt pass bursary but ive got a bachelor and am going on to do post grad stuff... i think we should focus on more life skills at school like budgeting and for some people out there things like using a phone and showering!

9 April 2007

In some areas perhaps.

10 May 2007

Our education system, like many others, is a factory system that destroys the innate desire to learn. Politicians and teachers should stop pretending they want to produce critically-thinking, rounded human beings, and admit they are mainly providing free childcare for working parents, and teaching children to succumb to authority.

10 June 2007

Due to the obvious differences between girls & boys I believe boys and girls should be taught differently & different subjects too. Boys are hands on & big, hard movements. Girls are softer and finer at what they do. There should be PE every day before the first class. College students should be taught things like money management, child rearing, drinking - how to, drugs (incl smoking) why not to, work experience

3 September 2007

How much is taught in our schols is actually relevant to working life and business. Academic stupidity and ignorance has become the play of the day in New Zealand. Most are taught to work for the company where as some of us were taught to own the company and get financially literate to survive. I have done the degrees and will never go into business with a lecturer.

23 September 2008

The curriculum needs to be refined because there are a lot more important things we could be learning about in school than what we already are

28 June 2009

School used to be hard work and being stuck into a dumb left behind class scared the crap out of me

3 July 2009

ncea sucks.. The current push for"national standards" is morally wrong..this will put our children into catergories and school is hard enough without being put in a groups based on your iq, let our children be kids and make mistakes....thats how they learn!

4 August 2009

It needs rebuilding from the ground up. Fire everybody before the Christmas holidays and take them back after they've signed up to the realistic conditions that the rest of us work under. And help them by getting rid of all the bureaucratic crap that's built up so that they can teach instead of shuffling paper.

10 October 2010

A couple of languages should be fitted in like they do in Europe. 1 Mandarin (next world power is China) and 1 European e.g Spanish, French or German. Apart form that we are apparantly the 4th best country in the world for education http://www.guardian.co.uk/news/datablog/2010/dec/07/world-education-rankings-maths-science-reading

11 August 2011

What I think should be understood when I say that I want there to be a change in the education system isn't that I want there to be a new grading system to replace our current one, but that I want a system that emphasises evaluation over grading. Intelligence isn't simply one scale in which people are either smarter or dumber; there are different scales of intelligence, likewise with understanding or skill or aptitude.

5 November 2011

Agree, if it is reviewed fairly, rationally, not with tge bias that so many reviews have in this country.

2 December 2012

Our education system needs to be redesigned to cater for all children. 20 to 25% of all children fail to learn to read and spell every year. Why is this happening. Reading recovery has been here since the 1970's, really if it works it should of sorted all the literacy problems by now.

24 June 2014

Nationally, you need to have the best sort of form to do it like the ATAR or GSCE. But it's not for everyone exactly. Just put it at a global scale, so if they ever move anywhere they have information already about their education.

17 August 2014

We should look at how Finland does it. They have no real testing until year 7, no homework at all whatsoever other than recommended studying for tests (no written homework), shorter hours and longer break hours (although I think NZ's current break times is fair) and are encouraged to be able to enjoy themselves at school, and their grades and test results are the very top of the world. Maybe we should actually realise that kids don't work well at all under the stress of homework and tests. Schoolwork is for school, when kids go home, they should be able to do whatever they want rather than extra work that doesn't contribute much at all to their education other than redoing what they've already done during that day. Its fair enough to maybe have a TINY bit of homework during the holidays just to keep their memory of what they've learnt, but other than that, no homework should be issued at all so that Kiwi kids can actually enjoy their lives and have time to develop what they like rather than sit doing the things they hate. Another thing is to maybe get children educated on what they're talented at already and help them work towards what they want their job to be when they leave school. For example, someone in high school who is absolutely sure he wants to be a Geologist should be able to be taught around that, to get taught on Geology specifically and how to help them, longer times in Science with Geology work and Math for the angles and measurements etc. and what they need to know for geology rather than spending all our time teaching them things that they'll never have to use in life.

21 May 2017

Reasons for Remain Neutral

It is always good to review. It is always good to be looking for better ways. However, I believe this is an ongoing process. That's one of the purposes of the Ministry of Education. They've got a huge work force engaged in that every day. Schools do it all the time. ERO does it every day too. I do not believe that we need to spend tax payers money on some new, major review. What a waste!

5 September 2005

I don't believe yet another complete review is the answer but we cannot have students ending up with meaningless qualifications. This disaster:- (the last lot of exams assesed by NZQA)is the problem and needs to be:- top accademic, world class assessment so that NZ students can foot it in the world. Do a perge on the academics and systems at NZQA examination level, set high standards and then minor tweaks here and there continually from then on but don't let any more students finish their time at high school with a useless qualification.

15 September 2005

It already is. It's reviewed ALL the time - ERO, TEC, etc. I'm not sure I even understand what this question actually means.

20 April 2006

Our Education system needs CHANGING, yes, because the NCEA is a dog that needs to be put down. However will another review do anything to change this? No. Do we need a nother review to tell us that the NCEA is a waste and a failure? No. There have been too many reviews and changes in education - revert to external assessment and Cambridge style exams - dump any reference to the bell curve and let the results fall where they may then just leave the bastard alone for a few decades.

17 October 2006

This is the third question (out of three I've viewed) in the the topic of education where the level of literacy of post indicates that not only should the education system be reviewed, but thrown out, and some minimum language standards imposed for participation in public discourse. This should be shockingly embarrassing to this nation.

19 July 2012

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