It is important to have a welfare system because long term employment is never secure?

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It is important to have a welfare system because long term employment is never secure

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Reasons To Disagree

Welfare is a spiral of growth. The more you offer, the more people will accept. Welfare should be minimalist in its approach

25 March 2006

no, its important to have a welfare system for the times people are unable to be employed - nothing to do with long term employment, more to do with individual circumstance.

1 October 2007

Welfare is the proceeds of theft

5 October 2012

Link Company and Business tax rate to the unemployment rate, bad employer decisions are also a factor in creating unemployment and those out of work for other reasons (sickness, and disabilities)

14 October 2013


Reasons To Agree

but should have a time limit

20 March 2006

so also should the dole be short term

13 August 2006

othewise there be homlesse people on the streets and the crime rate would sore

28 November 2006

Nothing in life is certain. This should be a safety net, but ONLY a safety net and not a long-term lifestyle.

22 June 2007

But you need to watch out for the long term people who make a career of it

18 November 2007

Yes - but the long run rate is around 4%. I pay a hellofa lot more than 4% of my income to cover the 4% chance that I will be jobless.

13 December 2007

One of the hallmarks of a 1st world country bar the US is social security. Every counry which can afford it must have and secure that all its citizens have the benefits of welfare should they need it or loose their job. A safety net, a leg up in the job market or an income top like the Working for Families package

14 January 2008

yes - it's a pity it is blatantly abused by so many - with the connivance of labour, the unions and the bureaucracy.

17 February 2008

the welfare system is availible to all much like acc every1 pays just incase you need it

18 February 2010

It is important, but for us who are working hard it is frustrating when others are taking the piss....

11 May 2011

It is important because young and old infirmed alike can be incapable of working on any menaingful basis they are after all ILL. Job rehabilitation seems to be almost non exisitant in NZ save the WINZ PATH program that not all infirmed people quialify for particularly those who need a therapeutic approach the most those who are chronic. The health care system needs to somehow step up assesments and medical treatments rather than the present system of making people wait as long as 8 months to be seen it is a well known life fact that time waits for no one

1 November 2011

Reasons for Remain Neutral

Yes it's a helping hand in a time of need but not to be lived on it should have a time limit six months and then your off it better have another source of income or reapply but can only be on it for five years in total your whole life until you're a pensioner so better use it wisely

26 March 2016

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