Military service should be compulsory for those on unemployment benefits longer than 6 months.?

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Military service should be compulsory for those on unemployment benefits longer than 6 months.

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Reasons To Disagree

This would better suit malignant individuals and petty criminals rather than anyone on a benefit

25 March 2006

some people have disabitys

28 November 2006

Any form of compulsory military training is out of the question in a free country.

10 February 2007

why - so we can send the 'duds' to fight other peoples wars? hardly fair.

1 October 2007

NO NO NO NO NO Don't let your spite towards those who "leech" your oh so hard earned tax dollars make you think this is a good idea. The military needs strong, fit, mentally capable and motivated people. New Zealand has an all volunteer military for a reason - those who want to be there make the best soldiers/sailors/airmen.

21 December 2007

While it may do something for some individuals it imposes a load on defense services who ought to be doing their own jobs.

17 February 2008

my mum is rather overweight has 3 kids at home and one has a disablilty she also is very sick and finds it hard to just look after her kids i think military would kill her

31 May 2008

No cause than you will end up with people who have no clue about military working for the military and thats just stupid

21 August 2008

I think some kind of compulsory military training (I'm ex-Airforce) would work for young offenders. However having some adult, dread-locked, beer gutted, tattooed from neck to ankle, dole bludger rolling through a forest armed with an IW Steyer (standard issue auto rifle) is a recipe for disaster.

17 July 2009

some of the people on the dole, have been declined from joining the military because they do not want to risk it medically. Why should then the military who said they don't want to risk it medically, then be force to have people with pre-existing health condition unsafe for the military, its putting unnecessary people lives at risk.

27 February 2015


Reasons To Agree

if you choose to sit on a benefit then yes

20 March 2006

It certainly does change people and provides them with a purpose and self discipline. I think it is an excellent idea!

25 March 2007

They should do something, or otherwise they are getting paid to do nothing, and what better way to do it than helping out our country

10 December 2011

Reasons for Remain Neutral

great idea, but it would be better to pay voulanteers on low incomes to go and to Peace corps style community work in the pacific islands, for example.

20 December 2007

A nice idea... but do we have the resources to train people this way? and does the military want this responsibility? Also if compulsory military service was required how long would the said service be?

28 October 2008

Change it to between 18 to 25 get 1 whole year to get a job or do Military service required.

31 March 2013

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