Work for the dole schemes are expensive to administer?

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Work for the dole schemes are expensive to administer

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Reasons To Disagree

The systems in place to monitor unemploed person already exist - hence the benefits system we already have. While there may be additional costs, I believe if it was built into the exisitng system properly, they would be minimal - and the benifits to society of have volunteer organisation properly manned would outweigh the costs anyway. So yes - they would cost more - would they be "expensive" - no I don't think so.

24 May 2006

No more so than the current administration of beneficiaries. It might however create some new jobs to start with, in terms of supervisors. But at the same time these supervisor roles may become positions that the beneficiaries are able to move into in future.

28 October 2008

A partnership of we provide the worker you provide the rest might lowered the expense and in this age of computers keeping administration to a bare minimum is a bonus. Plus if you want to lower crime then keeping idle hands busy might go along way.

14 October 2013


Reasons To Agree

Although I agree, I think there may be a solution, work done should earn payment. That payment could go to offset the administration costs.

25 March 2006

but is probably cheaper than having soooo many people on the dole and sickness benefits . all the young people I see roaming the streets don't look like they are sick or have ever looked a days work in the face in their lives .!

10 May 2007

Yeah - right - but only because they are run by inefficient bureaucrats.

17 February 2008

Only because of who is administering it.

25 September 2011

Reasons for Remain Neutral

Hmmm, i know employers sometimes take advantage of this, they people on the dole schemes usually dont last long (as they dont really want to work anyway) and the employer get cheap labour.

11 May 2011

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