Work for the dole schemes takes away real jobs from others?

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Work for the dole schemes takes away real jobs from others

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Reasons To Disagree

not if the dole people have to work for volunteer organisation

20 March 2006

Work for dole schemes would be community work like cleaning up graffiti or picking up rubbish on public walkways. These jobs are not done adequately anyway

25 March 2006

It is easy to regulate to ensure that this doesn't happen.

16 March 2007

it is important that private employers are not able to exploit these workers, but there are lots of things that could be done in and around the community that are not done because it is not financially viable. Work for the dole schemes in the past have been about improving the community environment, improving the job seekers skills and therefore employability. So I think work for the dole has merit.

28 October 2008

Target the job not getting done due to unaffordability.

14 October 2013

There are several not for profit organizations looking for volunteers all the time. people on the dole should not full a job that is a wage paying job

4 February 2014


Reasons To Agree

work for the dole is subsidized work, that the employer will not pay for otherwise because full costs would cut into profits. so it is only stealing a 1/2 job.

19 September 2005

It clearly takes the availability of that particular job from others. However, there are a multitude of jobs that people don't like doing which are hard to fill. Making somebody do that work would encourage him to seek better employment and get off the dole.

17 February 2008

Reasons for Remain Neutral

They don't exist yet do they? So this question is impossible to answer. If it was managed adequately then they would not take away real jobs from anyone because they work would all be community or volunteer work that find it difficult to get enough people at the best of times.

24 May 2006

work for the dole is daft. people have no marginal benefit for working, so they have to be supervised and 'pressed' to work. it is actually better that they are enticed into work by higher wages and envy of richer cousins and peers. self interest is a powerful force, and compulsion removes it.

20 December 2007

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