Beneficiaries should work for their benefits?

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Beneficiaries should work for their benefits

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Reasons To Disagree

This is a contradiction in terms.

24 August 2005

If beneficiaries are forced to work,they should be paid at least the minimum wage. otherwise they are being exploited.

10 February 2007

beneficaries do work everyday they look after the future there children will be here when we are gone is it not enuf

18 February 2010

How does one work if they are severely ill? However even if one has certain handicaps there is always some time during the week to do a little voluntary work

1 November 2011

Unscrupulous employers would love it if beneficiaries had to work for their payments.

28 February 2015


Reasons To Agree

Welfare is a privilige, not a right. It needs to be treated as such. Something given for nothing has no value

25 March 2006

At least contribute abck to the taxpaying contributors in some way instead of demanding the dole as of right

13 August 2006

welfare is a basic human right, it enables food, warmth and shelter, and a nation who denyies it to their citizens or a citizen who denies it for their fellows is one without scruples a heart or compassion - work for the benei in community work by all means but once in paid employment minimum wage or better

27 April 2007

Assuming it doesnt become a free source of cheap labour without offering any help to find long term viable work for the beneficiary.

1 October 2007

Emphatically YES - where possible. Otherwise they all too swiftly get used to a life of leisure and even begin to believe it is their "right"!

17 February 2008

work could be providing assistance at the local school. Assisting in what are traditionally the volunteer roles. A lot of people work for no money at all. The reason to work for the dole is to improve skills and to keep skills up to date. Also to have a reason to get out of bed in the morning as well as maintaining a level of self worth.

28 October 2008

BUT limited to a max of 10 hours per week helping volunteer organisations.

5 March 2009

Agree somewhat or get all the fit and able into full time work at $18.40 an hour, for a 40 hour week in exchange for jobs such as mowing lawns, keeping gardens, beautification work in the public or charity sector i.e walkways and planting out along major roads and the railway lines, keeping shorelines cleans, and getting rid of mangroves, conversation work and work council's want to do but can't afford to, and storm related recovery work. At 240000 abled beneficaries to equates to 9.9 billion, inaddition this would be topped up to $19 an hour if they complete one hour of supervised exercise - this would cut health funding as people who exercise are generally healthier. Any one who doesn't show up for at least 38 hours in any given week would only get $15 an hour. Idle hands make mischief so if they are working this should offset crime.

14 October 2013

Even if you can't do paid work , volunteer somewhere , help a little old lady do her grocery shopping , babysit someone's kids for a couple hours , clean a elderly persons home come on guys you have to contribute to society some how !

26 March 2016

Reasons for Remain Neutral

I agree, beneficiaries should work. If they are paid minimum wage, and are not penalized financially for having to work. If they have to work they should not lose any dole because of it (ie other smucks that go out to work start losing money once they hit $80 - wow, huge amount that, might even pay for work costs like lunches, clothes, travel costs)

19 September 2005

yes ok and earn more then

20 March 2006

While I agree that something for nothing has no value, having people work for the dole also reduces the time that legitimate benificiaries have for seeking further employment. Working for the dole may also SOUND like a contradiction interms, however there is plenty of civic, volunteer and community work that there are never enough people for that would wleocme the support. Perhaps the solution may be to have a time frame - those made unemployed have six months to find alternate employment. Those unemployed for six months plus must then contribute 20hours per week to the community - sufficient time to make a contribution while also leaving time for job seeking for those who are simply finding it difficult.

24 May 2006

Unemployment beneficiaries should work for their income

3 September 2007

Beneficiaries Should Work. Period. Any additional work they do, should be paid. And as they increase their work levels (and taxes), they should not have their 'benefit' taken off them - so that one day, when they do enough work, they actually start to pay a net rate of tax, rather than receive it.

20 December 2007

Benefits have a social function of ensuring that personal needs are met in common. They should be set at the minimum to achieve this. I believe an incentive for beneficiaries to work and get skilled up (say 20% extra) would work well. The PPP scheme of the past did this and appeared to work well. More about this at

21 March 2011

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