Welfare beneficiaries get paid too much?

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Welfare beneficiaries get paid too much

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Reasons To Disagree

You've got to be kidding. The benefit is pathetic. All those people who think it is too much should try rationing their incomes to a beneficiary's level for two months. See if you can pay your power bill, doctors visits, clothe your children and have a HEALTHY diet!

5 September 2005

Statement laughable if it were not so serious! Those doing it the hardest in this country are the DPB beneficiaries as they have dependants and some of us just want to get on find a job to fill in the gaps around child raising 9-3 with weekends and sch hols free and some degree of being able to use our skills (work experience and training). Some of us are good at being Mothers/teachers and our children are well adjusted and love and do well at school and so the babysitting option of child care to allow us to work full time is not helpful - its an insult. We are doing a great job brining up the next generation. Come on Employers and Polititions get real, we need jobs while our kids are at school we have good work skills /intelligence and a good work ethic give us a go think outside the square and adopt job sharing or working from home???

15 September 2005

they are low income families who struggle and have to miss out on lots

20 March 2006

Not all Welfare beneficiaries rip off the goverment rents are way to high and idon't smoke take drugs or drive a car

28 November 2006

always said by those who have plenty - the rich have always resented the poor and would exucute them if they could

27 April 2007

It may appear that welfare payments are too high, but until employers start paying realistic wages to workers, a benefit will sometimes appear attractive, particularly to the young.

30 May 2008

the economy is a wave of currency that moves back and forth from tax payer to government to beneficiary to businesses back to government to serve the tax payer. benefits (tax payers money) support businesses as a businesses survival in based on its income (customers)

18 February 2010

The people who genuinely qualify for benefit assistance are awarded unlivable weekly ammounts. Often they have to dip into the rent money in order to biuy food, medicine,Phone, clothing etc and costs to operate a motor vehicle are out of the question. All people require the basics. shelter, food, transport abd the ability to communicate. In many ways it is much harder on the single person living alone. A houshold with multiple beneficiaries can pool their resources. Life is also a series of emergencies and emergencies require a swift answer to unavailable funds

1 November 2011

Most are meeting there expected costs and with high rents there isn't too much spare from what I've come across. I think the culture wants to blame someone and we tend to look for scapegoats instead of finding ways to improve prospects of employing everyone more creatively. We also have too much emphasis on getting educated. Big players like Bill Gates and a few other had less educate and more working to get there - must be a lesson or two in this approach.

14 October 2013

If you haven't been there, then you don't know, i been there, i been told having the internet is a luxury along with my car. Interesting the only bus that went pass my house was a school bus, the nearest bus stop was only a 5km walk, to a un-subsidize service by intercity. And if having a very vegetarian diet became the norm. was lucky if i ate meat 3 times a week, let alone 3 times a day.

27 February 2015


Reasons To Agree

Any welfare payment is too much if it is given without any expectation of return. The only exception would be the pension which should be given freely and without conditions

25 March 2006

High welfare payments wont help anyone. However respect for individual circumstances and a commitment to offering a helping hand will help. Employers need to step up as well, and offer things such as in house child care so that mothers can get back to work.

1 October 2007

outrageous. why should those on welfare have the luxury of taxpayer subsidized parenting, when those who do work get nothing AND have to pay for you to. Any welfare that is too expensive to offer to the entire population is WAY to much. Millions have survived many decades without eating meat 3 times a day

20 December 2007

Some do - the undeserving cases. The problem is it is too attractive to bludgers.

17 February 2008

My flat mate works full time and barely has enough money for all his bills by the end of the week yet I know a beneficary who gets $100 more than what he does how is this fair he works for it

21 August 2008

DPB - Seperations, Death etc OK, but to keep on having children once on DPB is a joke. Also Dole should be 1mth per 1yr work.

5 March 2009

They did not earn the money and they were not given it freely; therefore, by definition, they get too much.

5 October 2012

100% agree most beneficiaries get the same or a wee bit less than full time working people it's crap . And they afford luxuries , going out , smoking , drinking ,labelled clothes , nice cars , nice phones and the list goes on - for one the amount of entitlement help they get is ridiculous cut the clothes on the head , bare essential household stuff yes , food grants yes,childcare assistance yes & work start grant yes everything else knock it on the head . Also I think maximum a solo mum with two kids should get is $480 maximum including additional support,accomadation supplement & family tax (make it hard for them so they actually feel like getting a job is accomplishing something in there life - take the money you take off their benefit per dollar to $0.25 will make it easier & more people will want to work . Also I think food grants & childcare should be avaliable to EVERYONE as everyone needs a helping hand at times !!

26 March 2016

Reasons for Remain Neutral


5 May 2007

I believe that welfare is set at a fair level. However, it is unfortunate that there is little incentive to move into any paid work when paid work provides a reason to get out of bed in the morning, a work history leading to future employment opportunities, a place to go, a way of keeping people out of trouble and sometimes a new level of self worth

28 October 2008

Not to much if they need it, but to easy!!

11 May 2011

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