It's hard for employers to find good employees?

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It's hard for employers to find good employees

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Reasons To Disagree

Employes want the best qualified person they can get, at the lowest cost. If they cannot get someone at the price they want they complain about skill shortages.

10 February 2007

The major problem with employers is that they go for the people with qualifications. What about those without the qualifications but are more experienced?

20 May 2009

We used to train people now we pay it through taxation to educate them to do the same.

14 October 2013


Reasons To Agree

Reward employers that take on trainees by lowering the company tax rate for those who take on apprentices might be a good solution. Then the problem will solve itself

25 March 2006

It seems we still have far too many untrained people who fail to take advantage of training schemes. But reinstatement of apprenticeships is long overdue.

16 March 2007

Most "big" employers are in fact employees themselves, hiring people who make good sycophants, and very average employees.

20 December 2007

That's why gummint kep the screws on them to make sure it's hard to fire loafers, unsuitables, ratbags and surplusd staff.

17 February 2008

There is a currently a skill shortage. However there is also a mismatch in expectations from employers and employees. Employers want to pay as little as possible, and have employees work long hard and loyally. Employees are demanding work life balance and high wages and some employees are not prepared to be dependable and hard working

28 October 2008

They need to be more accepting of more people around.

17 August 2014

Reasons for Remain Neutral

you can seperate people into diferent catagories and employ them accordingly, physical workers and mental workers, idealy the perfect employee would perform both and recieve an in between pay grade however a perfect employee equals disapointment so beta to keep it simple 1 or the other equally payed

18 February 2010

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