USA and allied forces should now stay the duration in Iraq to ensure that civil war does not eventuate?

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USA and allied forces should now stay the duration in Iraq to ensure that civil war does not eventuate

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Reasons To Disagree

Civil war hs already eventuated, as a result of the presence of USAforces.

4 August 2005

The US's changes to Iraq's financial policies i.e sacking 500,00 state workers, selling off state owned companies and opening up the borders to foreign investors are creating the hatred that is turning more people to join the insurgency. People are losing the jobs they have had all their lives and fighting the occupation is an appealing alternative to poverty and unemployment. I think the US should get out and advise from a distance. They have imposed the most liberal capialist trade policies in a completely inappropriate context and are largely to blame for the bloodshed since.

26 September 2005

show people what is good and bad let them choose themselves and trust they can if they get good help not like bush

17 May 2006

"Get it fixed, get out quick," someone has written. How naive! There is no quick fix. Surely, the past three years have proved that. The cause of the mess can't be the cure.

11 August 2006

i used to think agree, but i've changed my mind... i think iran, syria and saudis need to be involved in a stabalising situation... but while america continues to keep control of the oil flows, their neighbours will only seek to disrupt stability... the region and the international community needs to establish a peace keeping force, but the americans need to leave...

19 February 2007

Let the Iraqis sort it out. They've had several thousand years experience.

10 October 2010


Reasons To Agree

USA started this conflict, morally, they have no other choice but to help finish it.

30 August 2005

Get it fixed, get out quick. The iraqis have a responsibility in this, those that are overseas need to encourage friends and family back home to get a government formed quickly, get the terrorists out (close borders to outsiders) and get people talking, the bombers come from Saddams little group of supporters and friends I have no sympathy for them, they supported saddam and his torture, they are carrying on with his training, they are not human and should be treated as such.

19 September 2005

It looks as though Iraq will need to be partitioned in orde to prevent Muslim from exterminating Muslim. What a stupid biggotted mob of trigger-happy nut cases the Iraquians appear.

17 October 2006

And to keep pressure on that worm Ahmedinejad in Iran.

10 December 2007

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