There should be compulsory savings schemes so that people can pay for their own retirement?

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There should be compulsory savings schemes so that people can pay for their own retirement

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Reasons To Disagree

Superannuation should be available to everybody on precisely the same generous terms as the politicians give themselves - what's good for the geese would be great for the Kiwi.

21 July 2006

People need to save for themselves. Why rely on a bureaucrat to determine your minimum standard of wealth when you are no longer capable of earning it!?

13 December 2007

I agree but there needs to be a system put in place for young people NOW so they can start saving for their retirement. With the low wage economy there will be many people who simply can't spare any of their pay to save. How about a super plan where the government matches dollar for dollar savings.

28 February 2015

Save what some people can't afford to save plus there entitled to this they have worked hard & paid there taxes there while lives

27 March 2016


Reasons To Agree

$10 billion debt in credit card and hire purchase @ average 18.5% = We cant save. This is needed without hurting the business sector. Having more baby's will not cure this, only create more debt to service need. We are aging because of medical science and filling the off shore bank accounts of the E.U pharmaceutical companies.

23 September 2008

however, these should be backed by the govt to ensure that private companies are not profiteering as they do at the moment

4 November 2008

Absolutely. If "New Zealand-the-way-you-want-it Muldoon" hadn't killed Norm Kirk's scheme we'd have hundreds of billions in the kitty by now. The Aussies have $2 trillion! One of the few things Winston First was right about and we blew it.

10 October 2010

And these retirement schemes shoukd have some income tax advantage.

2 December 2012

Reasons for Remain Neutral

There should be incentives for people to have larger families so that NZ society becomes healty again rather than aging as it is now.

17 October 2006

If the government hadn't blown the super, we probably wouldn't have had to even entertain this thought.

22 June 2007

Its called Kiwisaver - just watch it become compulsory.

12 October 2007

Its called kiwisaver and should be compulsory, but super should not be removed, this is the govt way of paying back a little for people who have worked hard their whole life.

11 May 2011

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