I am well educated?

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I am well educated

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Reasons To Disagree

As I am currently in school, I think i can make accurate statements. Having lived in Australia for the first twelve years of my life, when i moved to NZ, i repeated a whole year of things i already had been taught. i was not repeating a year, i went from Year 8 to Year 9 (NZ measurements) but the curricuam of Year 9 was stuff i had alredy covered. Also, the lack of History until grade 10 is appalling, nothing is more important than the study of how we got to where we are today. My last point is one i have been meditating on for quite some time. In school, and even now whilst learning Economics, we have never once been taught the basics of how a bank works and how the stock market works. This is crucial information that we will need at every point in our lives, no matter what we live and yet the education system is dependant on our parents to teach it to us. And if our parents had little or no education on it - how can we expect people to manage their money efficiently, be able to balance the pros and cons of joining the stockmarket effectively and know the difference between a bank and a finance company? I rest my case, only the basics of education are covered in New Zealand and can be much improved. And dont even get me started on the quality of teaching! -sunshine

15 October 2007


Reasons To Agree

And I paid for it all by myself, without Govt assistance. Hopefully that means that my education is worth more.

6 December 2006

School leaving: GEC 'O' Level certified, from London. Extremely good education; 'Study' is key, or else... lol NZ needs to buck up, very poor education

24 January 2007

many life skills !

10 May 2007

I was extremely fortunate in that I was educated in a Grammar School in UK before socialism wrecked the sytem. My grandson (7 years) is being educated in a top private school - thank goodness! And it shows - in his manners and respect for both himself and others - his openness & confidence - his speech - love of reading - thirst for knowledge. He's an absolute delight!

28 October 2007

But only due to my own learning and the teaching of my parents and certain teachers that taught around the curriculum!

4 November 2008

Educated? Yes Put under stressful and much too extreme pressure to learn the things I dont understand or have no desire to understand as a 14 yr old?? BIG YES

21 May 2017

Reasons for Remain Neutral

I believe that schools need more better education level.

17 August 2014

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