I feel safe living in NZ?

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I feel safe living in NZ

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Reasons To Disagree

I feel more safe living here than I may in another country - however that does not mean to say I feel totally safe here. With an underfunded and overburdened police force, indaequate punishments for offenders and a growing crime rate how can I feel safe. It is no longer a matter of if something happnes to an individual, it is a matter of when - ask an insurance company, after all, that is how they determine how much to charge you. As the Labour Givernment continues to introduce legislation that further undermines both the people of this country who were never asked for their say, and the basic principles that lead to good citizens - ie the current smacking legistlation that allows decent parents to discipline their children and gives them the right and ability to raise their children to be good citizens and the Legalisation of prostituion which few ordinary citizens were in favour of and which now introduces undesirable elements into suburban neighbourhoods, while the good law abiding citizens are left floundering trying get rid of an element from their and their childrens lives that they do not and did not want. Safe? No. I don't feel safe in a country were the poeople get so little support from their supposed government "representatives" who what THEY want not what the poeple want.

26 May 2006

There are worse places but NZ's getting more and more criminality - much of it violent - and the gummints policies do nothing to reverse the trend. They will not even build enough prisons to contain those who deserve to, and ought to be, incarcerated for a very long time to protect the public from their depredations.

7 November 2006

not any more

10 May 2007

I dont feel safe at all I will not walk down the street at 7 at night during winter its too dangerous and people get stabbed on the roads and cars broken into definately not

21 August 2008


Reasons To Agree

Nz is a good country to live in we shouldn't be complaining

15 September 2005

I completly agree. NZ is a safe haven of the modern world.

15 September 2005

Reasons for Remain Neutral

I used to

20 October 2006

I do feel safer here than in Aussie. It's like the USA there. I lived in a good area in Perth and actually saw multiple street fights in our street. In Melbourne it's worse. Yeah people go on about the shopping but OMG I saw so much crime there I came back to NZ. NZ by nature is a good decent and general safe place. Unfortuately we're pretty weak on crims. Why are gangs still legal? Why is Sth Auckland a breeding ground for crims? We simply don't like to address the underlying cause. These causes are generally poverty, drugs, alcohol, certain races are more represented in prisons because of their suseptability towards alcohol, drugs and violence. No-one wants to raise these points.

17 July 2009

Somewhat safe. As a marine engineer and a serviceman I've spent nearly 50 years travelling the world. I've visited at least 50 countries and lived in 5. New Zealand is safer than many, not as safe as many others. We can't afford the law enforcement we need.

10 October 2010

We need to actually raise these points because actually it's costing the police force too much money a year - and crime can happen anytime anywhere.

17 August 2014

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