More tax money should be spent on health?

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More tax money should be spent on health

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Reasons To Disagree

More money has been poured into health and things seem to have got worse. Before putting any more money in I want to make sure the hospitals can use it properly. Otherwise its just a huge waste.

30 September 2005

Health spending is a bottonless pit with no perceived value. Because we have free health care, people not only use it for almost anything, but they also expect it and perceive it as a right, not a privilige. We need to increase the value of health care in our perception, we cannot do this by continually increasing expenditure on free health care

24 April 2006

Very little tax money is spent on health. Millions of dollars are spent on sickness. The current medical system encourages this.

25 April 2007

more money is going into management and boards wages then where it should be

27 April 2007

Re-direct the money already being spent from bureaucrats to the doc's, nurses and services. It is clear that we cannot afford state of the art health care for all. It has to be decided what procedures are most important to us and to stop funding "luxuries" like sex-changes, fertility treatment (which is compunding the problem by producing more in-fertile projeny) and so on.

17 February 2008

No tax money should be spent on health as they are spending on what is purely a private good.

27 August 2012


Reasons To Agree

As a person who has just spent time in a hospital, I was appalled at the way management of the hospital had deteriorated drastically since I was fisrt there a year ago. I can only commend the loyal, friendly, dedicated careing staff who have to work in a system where such basics as antibiotics not being available, where water jugs are replaced at 3am, I could go on and on. More money neds to be spent to basically bulldoze hospitals as they now are, and build proper workable hospitals of the same basic design with the very best equipment, standardised throughout the nation for bet use of resources and training. We need a nurse "reserves" (similar to territorial troops) to be ready to move into an area should a major emergency or pandemic arise who would be familiar with all equipment, know where everything is because all hospitals should be unitised to a standard design.

25 August 2005

Yes, and also, more importantly on preventing illness in the first place!!

24 March 2006

A greater focus on prevention and maintenance of health rather than the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff approach would be better. There will always be people needing hospitilisation (sadly) and they should get the best available care but let's look at how we can improve the general level of health in the population.

26 July 2006

This is an obvious decision. Of course more money should be put into the health centers. There are many people having to wait to be treated when they could be in life threatening conditions.

6 August 2007

Spend on prevention inmportant - not more $$ into the sickness industry though.

1 October 2007

Including health education. We need a health informed population so they make healthy choices which will ultimately reduce health costs.

2 December 2012

Health is of paramount importance. The NZ health care needs big improvements!

6 September 2013

Reasons for Remain Neutral

The same amount, per person, should be spent... but targetting PREVENTION, and things like green prescriptions, etc, would be most appropriate.

20 April 2006

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