Tax rebates for families are better than tax cuts?

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Tax rebates for families are better than tax cuts

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Reasons To Disagree

This is welfare is disguise and increases welfare dependancy. Everything about WFF is offensive

25 March 2006

Why give rebates that cost large amounts to administer when everybody who pays taxes should just have a reduction in tax - Simple equation more money in everybody's pockets, more cash to go around - don't give it to a few that some idiot has deemed 'worthy'

27 July 2006

This is another way to creat red tape and systems that cost money to provide. Tax cuts are simpler and more efficient and do not add to the welfare dependancy cycle. Put and end to goverment hand outs - its the money of the people in the first place - let them keep more of it!

27 October 2006

I have no children... i dont benefit.. but i pay tax... that sucks..

9 April 2007

Why give to families? Give to all! Mandates a base income level, $30b instead of WINZ to 3m adults is $20k per couple!!

13 December 2007

We all know Helen 'n' Cullen think so! It buys them votes by stealth and deceit.

28 September 2008

That makes all families beneficiaries. I object to that.

28 October 2008

More bureucracy. If you can't afford kids don't have them.

11 October 2010

This is just welfare with a different name. It doesn't help in any way. What we need is actual tax cuts with no favor to any social class.

6 June 2011

More welfare. I dont care if you have a family, that was their choice. I shouldn't have to miss out on a reward when I'm most likely paying more tax in the 1st place. So sick and tired of the losers in NZ wanting more and more welfare and dragging down the higher earners. They worked hard to be able to earn more, the lazy slobs criticise ambition. GRRR If any rebates are given, give them to EVERYONE

11 August 2011

A real income would be better for people than having nanny state ... we need the unions back to look after the workers and the govt collect taxes and do the job of looking after the country not putting people into situations of begging for a few quid on a dole que

17 September 2013


Reasons To Agree

Tax rebates will put more money in the hands of families than tax cuts will.. Typically 1 parent needs to take time off work to look after young children, and it makes sense that society should ease the burdon on families that take the time to bring up the children. Child birth rates are falling, in a few years the number of children born will be less than the number of people who are dying, therefore, we need more children

19 August 2005

Reward people with the fruits of their own labour.

13 December 2006

Tax rebates for children used to work very well until National stopped tax rebates for children and as a result our children are more at risk than they have ever been this century. Lets think about our children rather than ourselves for a change; they are our future! Many people forget that as one gets to retirement age the more children we have the less likely we will become lonely and forgotten. The memories of our children are our only memorial.

24 February 2010

Reasons for Remain Neutral

A leg up is useful to those who need it but it is not olny families that need the assistance.

1 April 2006

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