Genetic Engineering should be banned in NZ?

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Genetic Engineering should be banned in NZ

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Reasons To Disagree

I don't think GE should be banned outright. However I think GE in the field should be banned because we don't know how safe it is and because NZ could benefit from creating a niche market of GE free consumer goods. Research in the lab, I believe is different. It is necessary to confirm or deny safety and has other, perhaps medical, uses.

5 September 2005

GE should be banned from being released into the environment or for any use in food. However, contained, lab based use should be allowed for medical purposes

2 January 2006

Many hereditary diseases can only be cured by this means. The fact that it can be misused is no justification for depriving sufferers from these diseases of a cure.

14 February 2006

Absolutely not. GE and biotechnology research are essential technologies for health, and we cannot be left behind in these areas.

20 April 2006

NZ should embrace GE where it is beneficial to us.

22 December 2009


Reasons To Agree

GE should be banned from food products because once we have it here we cannot go back and we will be contaminated like the rest of the world. There maybe an arguement for it in medical research as long as all safety checks and balances are done. We have a clean green image many overseas envy lets keep it that way as we then have something unique to offer the world.

14 September 2005

Keep it in the labs. If you want to use GE in food, it MUST be labelled as containing GE. Not one of those little notes in the ingredients list, either. I don't know too many people who want scorpion genes with their corn, and we need to be given the information and the choice.

10 November 2006

GE products should not be able to be growen in nz soils....we should also label all products coming into nz that contain GE or even better ban that too.

4 August 2009

Reasons for Remain Neutral

Learn more about GE before you make up your mind, the media over reacts alot of things that makes it sound bad but it can save lives. although it does have negatives we could very easliy stop that. and hey we eat GE food now, peanut butter is GE the peanuts are and the olive oil is, its just made in New Zealand so we dont have to be told about that!

3 November 2006

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