The "Resource Management Act" is difficult to understand?

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The "Resource Management Act" is difficult to understand

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the problem is not the resource management act, its the implementation by individual councils, each with its own variables. the act itself is simple, if its going to affect you, you have a right to be involved. Course I object to people complaining about their view being disturbed, if they are so upset about it, maybe they should buy the land and preserve their view themselves.

19 September 2005

The above reason says it all

10 August 2007


Reasons To Agree

another money making scheme.

11 May 2007

But that's deliberate! It feeds the lawyers (caviar and champagne) and makes the act easier to manipulate in tricky cases - giving freedom of interpretation by the enforcers.

17 February 2008

i agree with the first disagree agruement, but it is difficult to understand, hence all the controversy and it just slowing things down, and not really doing a difference, they pass 95% of stuff without question, i think they should be a bit harsher than that...

31 October 2010

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