We need more police in New Zealand?

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We need more police in New Zealand

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Reasons To Disagree

There's enough gangs in NZ as it is. Not always looked in a positive light, there are some horrific stories from media about our NZ Police force, I don't think more is the answer try better management.

20 November 2005

there is enough police they just focus on minor things

24 April 2006

we need less delinquent behaviour, ie, more incentive to behave, not more marshals out their policing technicalities issued by parliament.

19 December 2007


Reasons To Agree

We need more Police on the 'vanilla' crimes, gangs and drugs. Ignoring the promlem as has been the case for the last decade or more obviously doesn't fix the problem!

13 August 2005

More Front line Police - less administration positions. Do away with social workers and bring on front line police staff

29 September 2005

Our level of policing compares badly with other Western societies. Overwork causes a high turnover rate in our police.

14 February 2006

A greater police presence, especially visual, has been proven to reduce petty crime and property crime. For this reason alone we should have more police, and that doesnt even touch on manpower, resouces, or the overstretched, overworked force that we currently have.

25 March 2006

People disagreeing with this are most likely criminals or whanau of criminals..... More cops, less speed cameras - they don't pull over idiot bleck bastids pulling crazy stunts here there and everywhere.

20 July 2006

Self-evident - look at the crime figures. Bobbies on the beat - zero tolerance - and let them apply "summary justice" when applicable. Youngsters then learn respect - I know I did!

16 December 2006

i think the place where we need more police is the roads. Yeah, more traffic cops. More police on the roads, looking out for lawbreakers. It must be over a year since i saw a police officer on the road doing breath tests and license checks, and he told half those people to 'drive on' without even talking to them. Better that than raise the driving age!

29 August 2007

But we can't afford them. See previous answers in this category.

10 October 2010

More police, and police need to stop mucking around wasting time on silly offences which waste time and money and resources and clog the courts up which makes the court system extremely slow.

6 September 2013

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