The Justice system is too slow?

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The Justice system is too slow

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Reasons To Disagree

Good things take time. People will not always remember how fast you did a job - but they will always remember how WELL you did it. I suspect the only reason they want it done fast is so they can get back to killing kids and stealing stuff....

20 July 2006

It should be given more resources.

2 December 2012


Reasons To Agree

There are too many marijuana smokers clogging up the courts. Also, too many people for non payment of fines. Give the pot smokers an instant fine, and if people don't pay their fines, make community service automatic at minimum wage rates so as not to further burden the courts!

13 August 2005

Get professional juries, and get rid of procrastinating, posturing lawyers who draw out cases in order to maximise their fees. Place a ceiling on their time and their fees.

13 August 2005

Everything in New Zealand is too slow

19 August 2005

The prtovision of more courts should speed up the judicial process.It is most unsatisfactory that justice may take many months to obtain.

14 February 2006

Emphatically YES! The reason it is so slow is that the profession is paid on the time they take (waste). Put them on piece-work and things would improve dramatically! It is clearly unjust for those prosecuted to be "on the rack" for any length of time.

16 December 2006

The ustice system needs to be thorough, the police need to take their time ti carefully build their case (rushing leads to mistakes being made) however the courts need to be a bit more flexible and work more quickly as the delays there are letting criminals walk.

4 November 2008

asleep I think and on another planet !

11 March 2010

My mate is still awaiting trial for something that happened 2 years ago. Slow enough for you???

30 June 2010

simple- yes. that is all.

31 October 2010

The justice system is way too slow in NZ. Lawyers drag things out in order to line there pockets and there's way to many cannabis offences clogging the courts of valuable time. Small cases can take many months and larger, more severe offences take years to finish, it really is ridiculous.

6 September 2013

Reasons for Remain Neutral

The system is so slow because of the Gendall virus...

18 July 2012

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