The death penalty is the correct punishment for mass murderers.?

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The death penalty is the correct punishment for mass murderers.

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Reasons To Disagree

Too many innocent people have been killed by the death penalty, or where there is no death penalty, some convictions have been overturned after late evidence, that in some countries would have been too late. In a civilised country, there should be very few people deserving of a death penalty. The cost of life incarceration for a few bad eggs is worth it to ensure we don't murder the innocent.

13 August 2005

The death penalty did not deter criminals in 19th and early 20th Centry Britain, just as it fails as a deterant in the USA. The families of victims must fell that justice has been done, but the sane killing the severly mentally ill is as wrong as the severly mentally ill praying on the sane.

19 August 2005

Why don't we kill taggers too? It's surely the only way to stop this wanton vandalism.

1 September 2005

We as a society are responsible for those so psycologically damaged that they commit these terrible acts, and we as a society should carry the burden. If we were successful at producing a society of happy and healthy individuals this wouldn't be an issue. No-one who commits murder is happy or well-adjusted. We must attend to the root causes (poverty, damaging family environments, ineffective action by government agencies), not use prison or the death penalty as a catch-all for what is in the end our failure as a society. It's us who continue to produce murderers and other criminals. We are to blame, not them.

2 September 2005

Correct, says whom? End of the day they're still people whom have been wrong done by so as his ancestors before him or simply a brain development defect.

20 November 2005

We mustn't kill people.

11 April 2007

Killing people is wrong, thus killing some one who kills others is still wrong. Thus we need to find other methods of punishing people

13 June 2011


Reasons To Agree

A mass murder has repeatedly ignored the rights to life of others... so why should their right to life be honoured, at the ongoing expense of society. Get rid of them! It's the strongest deterrent!

13 August 2005

If you don't want the time don't do the crime! Mass Murderers absolutely ignore all warnings or help offered. They need to be removed absolutely once and for all

29 September 2005

Mass murderers and serial murderes will always reoffend. It is who they are. Treat them as they would treat you, with complete harshness and no empathy. This process should be bought to a quick resolution, no years and years of appeals, just get it done

25 March 2006

I don't like the idea of a death penalty because of the possibility of killing the wrong person. However, I do agree with it in principle if you really KNOW he's guilty..and it is NOT a DETERRENT, it is a CURE!!!!

20 July 2006

The death penalty is the correct punishment for many murders - PROVIDED THE VERDICT IS 100% CORRECT!

15 April 2007

If they are proved guilty, they should pay for the lives they have taken

17 September 2007

If by mass murderers you mean those that have killed, and been found guilty of murder more than once then yes perhaps the death penalty is the correct sentence. If you mean someone who goes on a "spree" and kills lots of people in one event then perhaps it is not the correct sentence. Each case would need to be taken on its own merits.

4 November 2008

Death is the only punishment for people who murder more than once. The risk we would then run of innocents being convicted and executed is a concerning one, but with the crime rate lower, there will be less convictions and less chances for an innocent person to be wrongly accused.

4 November 2008

If you are continous murderer, you SHOULD have your life taken from you. This form of punishment is protecting good citizens in the long run. Not only by protecting somebody elses life, but saving tax paying dollars on incarserating a person.

29 January 2009

100000% agree. Death penalty right away. They are crazy people that should not be allowed to live among the community

16 October 2012

Definitely agree to this one. New Zealand's law isn't fair, criminals, especially murderers get very weak sentences, let out of prison after only a few years only to murder again. Capital punishment should be given to very heinous crimes such as murder so this cannot happen, and hopefully may even stop many people from killing in the first place, providing they think of the consequences should they commit it.

6 September 2013

Reasons for Remain Neutral

It's better to let 10 murderers go free than to imprision one man who is innovent. let alone kill him.

19 December 2007

Well, if they kill LOTS of people, and if it can be PROVED it was THEM, then GO FOR IT!!! And same goes for mass rapists too! But the thing is, WHAT IF??? What if something happened in the trial like a key prosecution witness lied, and an innocent man ended up getting convicted and killed? If you just put them in jail, and later it is proven they were wrongly incarcerated, at least they can be compensated - it wouldn't make up for their time in jail but at least it's SOMETHING!

26 March 2008

Put them on Campbell Island with a box of matches, a gun, plenty of ammunition, and a sack of flour along with all the multiple serial repeat violent offender low-lifes. Drop them more flour every 6 months if we remember.

10 October 2010

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