Marijuana should be decriminalised, eg a $100 fine with no criminal record?

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Marijuana should be decriminalised, eg a $100 fine with no criminal record

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Reasons To Disagree

Marijuana should never be decriminalised, it contributes to crime. if anything we need a bigger and more harsh punishment for the possession and or smoking of marijuana.

9 November 2005

To decriminalise marijuana would be out of step with most western countries and have political implications and is thus undesirable.

14 February 2006

substence abuse is a substiture for quality of life. we need to focus on improving access to wholesome stimulants, not decriminilising excuses

19 December 2007

I have seen first hand how much marijuana really does affect people it makes them so dumb and dopey and eventually can f*** people up so much they really do change

21 August 2008

Not sure that this would be a good idea. Look at what lowering the legal age for drinking alcohol did. the issue is not as simple as decriminalise it.

4 November 2008

Marijuana isn't allowed NZ. However, just remember, you can do whatever that you want to do, but don't get other people into your stupid behaviour. Marijuana should be "CRIMINALISED". Maybe some years in the prison will teach them a better lesson.

20 May 2009

Harsh jail and prison punishment to be given for people distributing and making marijuana. Not community work. But something that will make them suffer so that they won't repeat it again.

16 October 2012


Reasons To Agree

The fine allows society to say they disapprove of this drug. It is still illegal. Decriminalising does not make the drug legal, it just says that the courts are overloaded, and a criminal conviction is a little harsh.

13 August 2005

Should also be R18, with provider to children charged as suppliers rather than users (ie criminal conviction)

19 September 2005

The biggest negative of the marijuana legal situation is the secondary disadvantages of law breaking, i.e. others can make mischief of the matter e.g. estranged partner contesting custody. Restriction on access to travel and certain other opportunities.

9 April 2006

Hooray for this!! Come on people... weed is just's only a big deal because it's illegal - that makes it valuable and creates the hysteria around it. You need to choose your battles wisely "government"...

20 July 2006

Prohibition does NOT WORK - it only serves to provide a subversive network of "criminal" suppliers. If people want to scramble their wits - who are "we" to stop them? It OUGHT to be a free world. Just don't pick up the pieces - but punish the criminal results of addiction extremely severely.

16 December 2006

that woudl solve the over crowding of the prisons kill two birds with 1 stone

7 August 2007

I definitely agree marajuana should be decriminalised, dont mistake me - I don't want it legalised. We are allowed to induce other drugs such as alcohol and nicotine which also have the potential to be life destroying and are addictive and destructive. It seems unfair and hypocritical to criminalise someone with marajuana.

5 November 2007

I am currently doing a study on the subject and I was firstly opposed to the decriminalisation of marijuana. But after going over studies and research that has been done I have changed my mind. Feel free to look for yourself as these are non-biassed and

29 March 2008

<-- Old people looking to kill a buzz Young people looking to get a buzz --> Its just weed man, it doesnt do that much just makes you feel good. And this is not out of step with western countries, many countries are exploring the idea, with even local government bodies ignoring federal law on this issue.

30 June 2010

Decriminalise it altogether. Make it legal, tax it heavily like tobacco and use the income for drug education. Take away the gangs' income, release police resources, increase government income, create jobs, everybody wins.

10 October 2010

So many arrogant and intolerable people on the left, saying people should go to prison for it just to teach them a lesson? A lesson on what? Living the lifestyle they want? Of course it should be decriminalised its a lifestyle choice, dont like it dont do it. Its as simple as that. Police are spending to much of their resources fighting it when there are bigger and more important issues out there such as the youth violence in South Auckland. Why not criminalize alchohol and tobbacco? They're the biggest killers of all. Where as Maijuana has had no reported deaths at all. Its a outdated law and should infact be legalized entirely and taxed. More people would swap from Alchohol to Marijuana, meaning less deaths and fewer related health issues.

16 May 2011

Legalize it! There's many good outcomes out of this, 1. Less fights everyone will be to high to care 2. Gangs will lose most of their power 3. The government will become richer so they can pay off their debts from borrowing from other countries 4. We can all live in peace 5. The depression started when marijuanna or mary jane as I like to call her was illegalised am I right or am I right :) It's grown from the earth, god made it, obviously it was meant for us humans to smoke it :) hippies are cool.

11 June 2011

If prohibition had worked would'nt the war on drugs be over by now? Over the past 40 years the Crown has spent a kings ransom on prosecuting me for pot, in an effort to try and protect me from myself...which is of course a completely impossible task

18 July 2012

I think there should be no fine at all & cannabis should be legalized. It's time people woke up. This is a beneficial natural plant with many amazing medicinal properties. Also we produce canniboids naturally in our bodies, so why should that be illegal??? Please people do the research!

31 December 2012

First of all whoever wrote the 'reason to disagree' bit is obviously very close minded... Marijuana is not a bad drug... As opposed to order hard drugs out there like 'P' or heroine etc. I am against drugs and would never go near any of them.. But marijuana is different. If anything it is better for you than alcohol and cigarettes. Alcohol and cigarettes are far mores worse than marijuana.. The only side effect of marijuana is that you have a good time. Maybe it's not for everyone, just like alcohols and cigarettes aren't for everyone. As for your "don't get other people into your stupid behavior"? What are you on about? You yourself said that people are allowed to do what they want, hence why if people start getting into our 'stupid behaviour' then that's THEIR choice not ours. So stop blaming other people. I don't get how people can be so harsh towards marijuana when it's better for you than smoking cigarettes. It's more natural and it doesn't and will never destroy your body like cigarette does. There have been NO cause of death due to marijuana. I agree that it should be decriminalized but not illegalized. Let people smoke marijuana if they want.. They're not hurting anyone.. They're not going out there and causing trouble coz they're high of weed. If anything it makes you more relaxed and positive towards everyone.. Unlike alcohol.. It makes people violent and angry!!!!

21 May 2013

Cannabis/marijuana/weed whatever you would like to call it should be decriminalized. It has NEVER been known to cause people under the influence to commit crime. It is a social drug. I have smoked it but now do not, due to changing my lifestyle, however I will admit that it really didn't cause issues for me or anyone I knew smoking it apart from a large case of the 'munchies' from time to time, and well I needed to gain weight anyway so that was ok. It wastes a lot of police time and money arresting pot smokers for possession and gives these people criminal records for such minor offenses. Many American states are decriminalizing it and it is working fine for them, allowing police to spend valuable time on major crimes in the communities and lowering the crime rate. Come on NZ, jump on the band wagon and just do it!

6 September 2013

i smoke alot of pot and to be honest i feel good about it , it doesnt make someone do crimes you still know whats happening around you unlike alcohol you wake up the next day with a hang over and not remembering what happened last night . pot should be legalized half the population does it anyway is the police going to prosecute half of new zealand ? i don't think anybody has the time to do that . pot isnt for everyone though anyone who likes it should be free enough to do it without anyone judging them besides stoners are too lazy to get up to go to the bathroom why would they want to commit crimes ? pot should be legal its not harming anyone

10 October 2013

weed isn't making anyone dumber or dopey thats just your opinion but it only makes peokple know how to have fun in a good way not by commiting crime seriously omg people these days just judge when they dont know what weed does you should try it see what happens and i assure you you'll like it and you will change your mind

10 October 2013

i agree fully :) i see stoners and i really like them you know? i see them having fun and they are pretty funny ... i know a couple of stoners they really don't effect anything around them its just fun its not a crime commit ing drug its a way to relax from stress and all the other emotions that make you do stupid stuff... it makes you more reasonable

10 October 2013

Also legalized. I prefer to party with stoners then alcoholics. I hear of a fight at a party some time, I think 'Oh, some drunk must have done that" NOT "Oh, that must have been a stoner"

14 August 2014

I would like the policy change to be decriminalised for the benefit of ill patients. I would only like it to change and be used for medical reasons only. I feel strongly that it'll would make a positive change in NZ.

13 May 2015

It's not harmful it just makes people lazy & spacey but honestly alcohol is so much worse in big quantities just like everything else just give them a smack in the hand and let them carry on with there day there not hurting anyone getting into fights or stealing anything there eating munchies infront of there tv

26 March 2016

I still don't understand how this plant can be worse than our very own native nettle plant. One sting and you're practically dead. There are many plants that can kill you from the slightest touch, taste, smell.. etc etc. Yet this one, natural plant is in the sticks, all because of a few companies back in the day complaining about how weed can be used as a drug. Just to shut down the hemp factories. Good job, world.

15 August 2016

Alcohol causes more damage to society than weed ever will

6 November 2017

Reasons for Remain Neutral

Decriminalised would mean NO fine. Legal is legal. If smoking or drinking is legal (and I'm not saying THAT is a great idea, either), then why should pot be any different?

20 April 2006

Legalizing it would be best for the the true freedom of humans in the planet and also would open a door to expansion of tourism and promote the true greenness of new Zealand.

10 June 2015

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