Current punishments for hard crimes is too weak ?

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Current punishments for hard crimes is too weak

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Yeah, we should punish people much more harshly. It obviously works, just look at the US. Um when was the last time a happy person committed a "hard" crime? I'd much rather we stopped my mum being raped than we punished the perpetrator more seriously, and I'm sure she would too!

1 September 2005

"are" too weak is the correct form of english. Sheesh. And what the hell is a hard crime?

20 April 2006


Reasons To Agree

The early parole and concurrent sentences system is being abused - the time people are serving is becoming increasingly reduced - to an absurd degree

13 August 2005

In my opinion a life sentence should mean LIFE. Here in NZ we have murderers and rapists being released from prison after just 10-15 years. This is obviously putting society at risk.

9 November 2005

Sentences should be served in full as occurs in some overseas countries.

14 February 2006

Im sick of people accusing there offending on p they should be punnished twice as much for using. If you take someones life yours should be takening from you

20 March 2006

If we stopped putting underfloor heating in prisons we could afford more and bigger prisons, which we need to house all the criminals. Marijuana needs to be legalised but the government know if they did that then the gangs would turn to other ways of getting their cash...(i'm assuming the gangs already have their meth situation pretty much saturated and the sooner it kills off all p users the better i say...)

20 July 2006

Look no further than the recidivism. Crime could be drastically reduced by locking up the relatively small number of utter ratbag repetitive crim's and throwing away the key.

16 December 2006

pathetics a better word

10 May 2007

i think it is perfitic how weed smokers are getting jailed for 10 years but rapist and murderers are only getting up to 3 or 5....the system is currently stuffed up

14 September 2007

I agree - life means life. It is pathetic how a murderer or rapist can get parole after only serving a few years of their sentence. Small crimes should be punished by small sentences Proven murderers and rapists should get a life sentence automatically with no parole

17 September 2007

again due to the bureaucracy. our system is inaccurate, so it has to have loopholes for the innocent.

19 December 2007

Zero tolerance is the only way to stop the crime wave.

3 July 2008

soft touch

13 September 2008

Murders don't often reoffend after a lethal injection. Why should the families of dead victims pay taxes which contribute to keeping the cause of their grief alive?

4 November 2008

The most serious violent offenders should be put away permanently. Capital punishment has its attractions but the downside is - you must create an executioner. Not acceptable in a 21st Century civilized society.

10 October 2010

To many crimes are happening, they need to be reduced and the best way to do that is increase the punishment.

13 June 2011

Yeah right, 300 hrs community service for Doug Graham?

18 July 2012

Death penalty for harsh crimes. No question asked. Why should we give any chances for murderer. They will just kill another person when they are out. Plus we will never know what they can do... They can hurt anyone in the community

16 October 2012

Fuck them molesters and murders up the ass with a bullet/rope instead of spending money on them. And don't waist time cleaning the rope, this is to save money.

14 August 2014

The gov has been to soft for to long and now crime is out of control. Life needs to mean life and not just 10 or so years. A victim of murder cant come back to life after 10 years so why should the crim be released. Instant death penalty for those found to be importing or making /selling ice. Murder and rape should be death.Gangs need to be erradicated like the vermin they all are.take a hard stand and we will all be better off. At the moment crims are just running amok with no real fear of consequence. Fear of a bullet or a hangmans noose woukd snap em back into line . Spineless gov needs to take a stand first though.

6 November 2017

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