TV 1 News provides quality news coverage?

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TV 1 News provides quality news coverage

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Reasons To Disagree

They only give what they want you to know, quite bias.

20 November 2005

never watch TV 1 news

20 December 2007

They think that presenters are the focus so it's fronted by conceited overpaid prats. NEWS is mostly cheap, sensationalistic, intrusive, rubbish. Then they repeat it - 3 or 4 times in the same hour just in case we missed it the first time. And they think that the weather is all important!

28 September 2008

The news is too politically biased, anyone who believes that TV 1 & 3 do not lean toward labour, need to look again.

4 November 2008

To whoever is the disagreeing person here, I think you're completely wrong and since you have never watched it before I think you're missing out on some stuff. TVOne is not long enough, and it's sport before the weather which sucks! Not everyone is interested so much in Sport, more into World News. Please be more like SBS. TV3 and Seven Sharp seem to be of cheap quality because it's gossip. Please do something better than that for everyone to access for an hour and a half at least.

17 August 2014


Reasons To Agree

Gets to the point (well, more than TV3), and contains more interesting news (for my tastes). Also, has several documentaries and TVNZ7 which has great programmes.

10 June 2009

Good quality news, although they don't often give as much coverage to the more important stories as TV3 does

28 June 2009

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