SKY TV provides good value for money?

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SKY TV provides good value for money

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Reasons To Disagree

Sky has continued to increase prices while quality of programming has decreased dramatically: (1) UK TV used to have at least three top quality miniseries running at any given time; now there are rarely any, and those are usually shown late night/early morning. Current programming is little more than inane comedies and none of the really great British comedy. Saturdays are reruns of the this trash shown during the previous week, as is Sunday for the most part. (2)The quality of the movies on all movie channels has dropped dramatically, and reruns are more frequent. (3) Although there is a dedicated rugby channel, Sky sports 1, 2, and 3 are still dominated by rugby (and cricket), often canceling semifinals and finals of other sports on weekends that they have shown up to that point in favor of rugby reruns. The same rugby programs are often scheduled on two or three sports channels, often at the same times! Skywatch Magazine is completely unreliable regarding sports scheduling. (3) Service is unreliable; it's either rain fade or position of the sun entirely too frequently with rain fade occurring even before the rain arrives. The government would have done much better to go after SKY than Telecom!

20 May 2006

I dont believe we should be subject to so many adverts on a pay TV system! Why are we paying if they are getting revenue from advertising!

25 March 2007

too expensive and I've heard lots of repeats .

10 May 2007

too many repeats

20 December 2007

Total rip off.

5 July 2008

Sky is little better than NZTV and grossly overpriced for what little good stuff they provide.

28 September 2008

Why would someone pay for that crap?

10 June 2009

Far too much advertising creeping in.

22 June 2010


1 September 2011

Its absolute rubbish. World war 2 seems about the only history it can handle ad infinitum. Movies get repeated so much its ridiculous. I pay for movies and wonder why. I pay for soho which is now a waste of money. They need to buck up their ideas when they get so much money from everyone and actually need to provide a decent service

17 August 2012

I don't have Sky. I get by on Freeview. Of course I'd love to have Sky, but I cant afford it. Most of those shows should be given to you on Freeview anyways.

21 May 2017


Reasons To Agree

Sky is good but so expensive - the only reason we have it is because we couldn't get Freeview or anything else on our house

27 March 2016

Reasons for Remain Neutral

To many repeats and the movies are really old unless you get box office whcih is something like $8 a move but in saying that id rather have sky than not so must be something good to it =] Plus MTV is usually got something on

31 January 2008

Totally depends on the individuals interests

28 June 2009

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