TV 3 provides good entertainment and programming?

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TV 3 provides good entertainment and programming

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Reasons To Disagree

Too much American-style razzamatazz, and formulaic programs.

11 April 2007

mainly rubbish again

20 December 2007

TV in NZ is pathetic! It is run and fronted by a tribe of self-seeking conceited morons. They produce and/or broadcast down to the lowest common denominator.

28 September 2008


Reasons To Agree

I agree with this. TV3 i have allways watched this alonge side channel 2, i guess channel one is for old folks, due to the crap shows they have on one. Channel 3 news is top noch for me :) presenters are also great lolz

7 March 2007

One news is Boring CAMBO rocks!!!

3 May 2007

better than the other two

10 May 2007

Outrageous Fortune, need i say more?

31 January 2008

TV3 buys only the decent American shows, like Survivor.

10 June 2009

Best quality programming

28 June 2009

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