NZ should remain Nuclear Free?

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NZ should remain Nuclear Free

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Reasons To Disagree

Nuclear Energy is much kinder on the environment than fossil feul. It's about time people stopped panicing about it. As far as the energy going into processing it - of course it is going to come from fossil fuels. it has to, they are the dominant source! Until coal can be as pollution free, then we are kidding ourselves.

28 August 2005

Having lived in 2 countries with nuclear power, I believe N.Z. must debate nuclear power and nuclear weapons sep[arately.

14 February 2006

This is a leading question. Unfortunately our nuclear free stance is seen by some as a de-facto declaration of independence - where in fact we actually ran out on our allies during the Cold War, while still expecting them to come to our aid in extremus. And all for domestic political benefit. Whilst the current government's stance on non-proliferation is sensible we need to be more sophisticated in our Nuclear Free stance. We are not nuclear free - we use nuclear energy in NZ in a number of every day areas.

28 October 2007

No, lets be friends with America, and get a free trade deal, and put the incredible surplusses created to work at investigation into cleaner power and transportation.

4 November 2008

NZ should embrace nuclear power. The greens want us back in candle-lit caves - but only if someone comes up with a candle that is smoke free, P.C, environmentally friendly, non-injurious to animals, burnable at both ends and self-renewing - otherwise - when the sun goes to bed, they want us to as well.

22 December 2009

I think its a bit scary having something that could destroy the country like Chernobyl or Fukushima, but thats why we should invest in getting MUCH better protection on Nuclear plants than other countries do, so that in the event of any form of natural disaster or even the very unlikely event of a bombing or air raid, it will still sustain without even the slightest breach in the plant, that way NZ can be good for the environment, save tons of money, and yet stay safe at the same time.

21 May 2017


Reasons To Agree

Nuclear is very inefficient. The public os well aware of the containment issues of radioactive sources during and after use, but are largely ignorant of the huge energy demands in mining and enriching the fisible materials. Up to now that process has been done with massive inputs of traditional hydrocarbon and electric energy sources - but with the cost of these fuels rising sharply, the economics of extracting fisible materials is really throwing the whole nuclear equation even further into doubt. We don't need it!

13 August 2005

This is NZ afterall

26 March 2006

IN the recent APEC summit, there was a lot of pressure for NZ and Australia to become nuclear. WE DO NOT NEED THIS!!! If NZ is serious about getting some independence and international recognition, the best way to do this would be to go completely wind and solar powered. Yes, it WOULD be expensive but the long term benefits far outweigh this AND havent we just had a massive surplus? It would be great to see Australia's reaction in 20 years when they have 34 million tonnes of radioactive waste and we are thriving on renewable sources. Nuclear power is NOT the answer, strong action DOES need to be taken but one that produces tonnes of waste that requires billions of years to de toxify it not it.

15 October 2007

I concur with "APEC" comments. NZ has so much to offer in the way of sustainable, environmentally safe, reusable resources, we need to start leading & stop being "Sheep". Even countries with the "safest" records will have a problem, in time.

8 February 2008

fuck yea we should remain nuke free... unless we can dispose of the rods in america (preferably under bush's house)

1 May 2008

With so many ways to generate power with nature,wind,solar,water,wave,we dont need to even go there!!! Lets move forward

4 August 2009

Reasons for Remain Neutral

This is an incredibly leading question - NZ already isnt Nuclear free: we are free of Nuclear energy and weapons. The patients of Auckland hospital release more radioactive substances into our harbour each day than the entire US fleet releases into the ocean in a year. Irriadiation is a safe and widely used food sterialization technique. I agree we should remain free of Nuclear weapons - and shouldnt build Nuclear plants here, but our current stance on 'No Nuke' is false and shouldnt extend to Nuclear propelled vessels.

8 September 2005

Predominantly I think we should, however there are benefits to nuclear energy witht he right safety mechanisms. We need to investigate alternative energy methods NOW, really in retrospect, YESTERDAY! I still think however that the Nuclear issue should still be as it stands but once efficient/permanent Nuclear waste disposal (and safe disposal) is sustainable, then I would entertain the idea. My mind isn't completely closed, also Nuclear ships in NZ waters, we are limiting ourselves, regardless of personal views with the US, they will be a cash cow the size of...Texas, we should be fostering that.

13 September 2005

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