Some people have lost their equality through past laws and so the law must be proactive to regain that equality.?

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Some people have lost their equality through past laws and so the law must be proactive to regain that equality.

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Reasons To Disagree

The law should be colour blind, however maori who are at the top have a responsibility to help other maori achieve, Tainui has quite a few scholarships available only to tainui people, which is as it should be, i am not expected to share my family trust, why should they? there is no way the law can be fair, so it should just keep its nose out

19 September 2005

The "sins of the father" are neither the sins nor the responsibility of his son. Hence redress to the wronged can only logically be provided by the actual wrongdoer during their lifetime. If the "son" is penalised in any way - then he becomes a claimant.

20 May 2006

Mum lost her father's land when she was 8 because her father and grandparents died of influenza. The crown took her land because she couldn't afford to bury them in the newly developed graveyard at the local catholic church. Hmmm the cost of a 'proper wooden coffin and headstone' is worth 13 hectares of prime waterfront property in Paihia. Yeah good deal. Now find someone to give it back. In my mind, addressing the Treaty is one of blunting the thrust even though I may never get the use of the land my ancestors once owned. If I see effort going into recovery for NZers as a whole than the effect of the Treaty is serving its purpose. Remove it and watch what happens next.

10 February 2012

So lets make laws to discriminate against some people now because in the past there were laws that discriminated against the group we are now creating the 'proactive' laws for? Wow way to make it necessary to continually create 'proactive' laws for all the people we are disadvantaging with the new laws.

27 August 2012

The only past laws that reduced the "equality" of people are those laws that provide privilege to Maori and Pacific Islanders based on their race.

22 March 2014


21 August 2014


Reasons To Agree

There can be equality in law through process, which keeps the rich at the top and poor at the bottom and maintains the status quo. There can also be equality in achieving an egalitarian society, where the wrongs of the past are undone, and everyone has an equal chance to get to the top. Education is a basic step in helping the impoverished move up.

8 August 2005

So what about the foreshore and seabed bill, how will blind crown law be proactive to assist regaining equality?

11 January 2006

Everybody doesn't have the "right" to be millionaires, but everyone has the right to be equipped with a truely free education and a state of health that gives them equal opportunity to seek to become one should they choose to.

4 February 2006

All New Zealanders should be treated equal. The first step is to create equalness by birthright I am a New Zealander..but the Govt does not reconise this..or wont reconise it

18 November 2007

Definitely Maoris and Pacific Islanders lost that right in the 1980s if I remember correctly and that is not a good thing, and please do something to help those to get them into the 'middle class' zone.

17 August 2014

Reasons for Remain Neutral

Compensating for past land losses due to confiscation is one thing - proactive appointments and scholarships not based on merit is another.

12 October 2007

unfortunately, laws cannot be 'unjust'; only actions or people. So we MUST start afresh, and make opportunities the best foot forward, not past grievances!

18 January 2008

The problem is that the Treaty is distorting those laws and needs to be abolished.

15 July 2012

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