All people in NZ should be treated equally by law?

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All people in NZ should be treated equally by law

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Reasons To Disagree

I feel this question is invalid with respect to the rest of the questions, and should ask how society feels a person's *race* should be treated under law. In its present form, it is focussed on wider issues than race.

31 August 2005

We claim to support equal rights and yet we have 'superannuation' for old people? We should be one country with one government, law and rights for all. If you are going to make people work for the dole then you should make old people work for their benefits too. Which is ridiculous of course.

1 September 2005

The U.N has released a report stating that Maori do not in any way receive special treatment and if that were the case then why is this particular culture and other non-european cultures in the lowest decile of many issues i.e health, economic etc. I think we are treated equal under the law yet our interpretation of the law as individuals cloud things.

29 November 2005

Crown law is blind. The treaty of waitangi, this founding document is based on a partnership between Tangata Whenua (international citizens of the world) and the crown and all settlers, not between everybody and everybody. Tangata Whenua have a special status under law which must me upheld so as to be seen to be fair, otherwise we as a group of people who allow crown law to govern us, will as a nation reject its authority over us, stand on our RIGHTS ie our tinorangatiratanga, thus being forced toward ? civil war. We are not haters and wreckers, but lovers and fighters and the true patriots of Aotearoa.

11 January 2006

Nope, not till the agreements to the Treaty have been honoured otherwise there will NEVER be equality. At what point is law and equality ever used in the same sense.

10 February 2012

Nice concept, but it is being used to support racism, now that Maori have attained some political power.

2 December 2012


Reasons To Agree

We encourage non-discrimation of races and yet we have 'special' treatment for Maori ? We should be one country with one government, law and rights for all.

31 August 2005

Make the mistake of moving away from the umbrella of the rule of law that treats everyone in common, as has happened in the decolinisation processes in Africa, Asia and South America, where back to arbitrary rule,violence and anarchy before you can say boo!

4 February 2006

look lets forget the past if we base every thing on the past we cant move forward

19 February 2006

All people EVERYWHERE OUGHT to be treated equally in EVERY way according to their just deserts. I.e. criminals should be treated as criminals - not given special privilleges

20 May 2006

thats just racest and sexist

10 November 2006

That is all born here or naturalised. If immigrants commit a crime they should be deported back to where they came from so our taxpayers dont have to support them in jail. If this was adhered to the crime rate would go down somewhat.

28 November 2006

I am a third generation New Zealander....I am not a birth right Im a New Zealander...When is the Govt going to address this issue, all govt form have us as others. The NZ passport has us as New Zealand where is the er

18 November 2007

One law for all was the best stand National ever took. I'd like to hear John Key stand for the same principle.

10 December 2007

yes - at birth. life choices might change this over time - and so long as the law is "treating" them equally, not forcing them be "equal".!!

18 January 2008

Agree: But what do we do about the white collar crime that continues to go unpunished or slapped on the wrist beacuse they have cash and influence. Look at the stats to find that these people are not Maori. How yu say that all are treated fairly when you have a totally flawed legal and education system.

23 September 2008

That means in health matters too!

5 October 2008

Umm... Yes! Else we should simply give up on freedom and join the russian confederation or the chinese, where all are equal, but some people are more equal than others.

4 November 2008

we already are

21 December 2008

I think that, everyone should be treated equally but we need to repay the Maori for taking their land from them

13 June 2011

By definition yes

27 August 2012

I assume the proposition is that all NZ citizens should have the same legal rights, regardless of their race, religion, sexual preferences.

6 July 2013

People should be treated equally in all ways according to their just deserts. I.e. criminals should be treated as criminals - not given special privilleges

14 August 2014

We are a multi-cultural country and we need to treat everyone with respect. It doesn't matter if they have very different opinions, just make it better!

17 August 2014


21 August 2014

Reasons for Remain Neutral

Im against it because its well, communism. Its wrong and in its own way illegal

2 September 2005

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