There should be no futher treaty claims?

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There should be no futher treaty claims

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Reasons To Disagree

1) Maori have the right to reclaim what was stolen from them: If the family car is stolen, and it takes me 10 years to find and get it back - it is still stolen, it is still mine, I still have the rights to it. 2) Maori sold it, tough luck: If my son sold the family car for some beads and a knife it was not stolen, it was fraud (son sold family asset without family knowledge). I have the choice of police action against my son, the new buyer has the vehicle legally. Frankly, thats family, they screw you, get over it.

19 September 2005

As long as there are grievances there will be claims. If there are future breaches of the treaty then there should be avenues to address those also. The sale of land for trinkets was fraud but on the part of the pakeha robberbarron only

25 November 2005

Because its old seems a bit irrelevant. Most of the laws that our society are built on and still abide by are old. The Treaty is a living document and should be upheld. A timeline should be set up realistically so grievences can be made, processed and settled. Lets help each other get to the end of a terrible past by doing whats morally just. Legislation should not be used to halt the process. And to the person who said they want to get to the beach anytime they want. We NZ'ers can't access 2/3's of the beaches in NZ already! The treaty did nothing to result in that conclusion.

29 November 2005

Bullshit! There will be no further claims against the NZ govt (Not the crown) when govt realise that to get full and final settlements; govt MUST deal with Haapu not Iwi. It takes more work at the beginning but will bear larger fruit down the line. Thats tinorangatiratanga.

11 January 2006

You should have a right to claim whats yours without being bullied or tricked,

20 March 2006

Maori people have 10% of fisheries money since 1990 that needs to be distributed to them from a law that forced maori people not to fish for commercial purposes in their own country and since then they were allowed. That is owed to them so why doesn't the government distribute the money evenly amongst the people and keep the treaty. Because of the treaty, Maori people are slowly getting the respect they deserve. How would you like it if someone told you its illegal to speak you own language then in the future people didn't want to acknowledge anything about the history.

20 March 2008

Refusal of rights to democratic process will ensure civil war (look at Gaza). Israel, Ireland etc have fought for too long and nothing positive achieved. Try stopping it I dare anyone and watch for a BIG fight. Not sticks and stones here now and there will be no supporters from international opinion when they see a 'Treaty' has been dislodged. Because we are remote some believe we are ignored. Wake up people!!!!!

10 February 2012

whoever said that part about maori in flash car they must be living in the wrong place because I myself am a maori and I dont see that, i see pakeha in flash cars all the time, I see maori on the benefit all the time i see pakeha having more advantage then maori all the time, if anyone knows what it feels like to have something that belongs to them taken away from them it's maori, pakeha see more money we see our history, land and people being pushed further and further behind i mean come on how many seats in the government do maori party have basically nathing, in other words we have everything taken away from us right infront of us by pakeha..not all pakeha just the money hungry ones i for one the think the government is too greedy when it comes to money and don't care about the people. No wonder everyone is moving to Auzzy.

25 August 2012


Reasons To Agree

Its old, its really as simple as that. pakeha dont like it, and neither do the maori. SO DUMP IT

2 September 2005

The Maori made a decision and signed to it, in my opinion the treaty is old and out-dated and quite frankly just causes trouble and arguements every time an issue concerning land in NZ is bought up. The land now belongs to everybody living in NZ. I personally want to be able to visit the beach or anywhere for that matter, without being hassled or having to pay a toll. I think greed is playing a part in this with both Pakeha and Maori. We should all learn to live with each other without these petty differences.

9 November 2005

If they are lagitamit its got to be dealt with so we can move on.

4 February 2006

As I've said - there is no valid treaty. If any individual has a valid claim of injustice - put it right - but youe cannot put right historical injustices.

20 May 2006

it was sold to the pakiha for food and muskets and ammo

10 November 2006

These claims are holding NZ to ransom surely we should all as New Zealanders be working for the good of the country and its place in the world.

28 November 2006

Absolutely - everywhere I go, I pass brown people in flash cars parked outside rundown shacks. In front of the shacks are the rusted out remains of the previous flash car from the last 'settlement'

10 January 2007

Time to draw a line in the sand and move on.

25 March 2007

Yep the days have gone where we are held responible for 100's of year old mistakes.. We born in New Zealand are New Zealanders use our taxes for health/education/etc..stop the gravy train.

18 November 2007

Time to get over it and treat eachother fairly. We are not bicultural, but we can be, if we encourage equality and fairness.

4 November 2008

The British arrived and transformed a land inhabited by those who practiced cannibalism, slavery, and polygamy into the morally upright country New Zealand currently is. They created a prosperous nation from one whose resources were wasted by the indigenous people. The Maori should stop pretending that the country was stolen from them -- they were the ones who wronged the fauna of the land and violated the integrity of New Zealand itself. They should simply be happy that the French did not arrive here first!

29 October 2009

The people of today are making claims on something that belonged to the people of the past.. who's to say that the people of the past were going to give it to them??

25 September 2011

At least not in a special court setting To the person who penned the first reason to disagree. The situation you propose in 1) is completely different to this it is more reasonable to describe it as follows. If my great grandfather's car was stolen and it is now possible for me to try and claim it I should be able to despite the fact I have no witnesses or proof that it was stolen and everyone who knew anything about the circumstances of how it was no longer the property of my family is also long dead I should still get it back despite the fundamental legal burden of proof being against it's return to me. The standard courts are more than capable of dealing with any grievances.

27 August 2012

Yes... We are all one nation now

16 October 2012

NZ cannot financially continue with these claims...where is the money coming from??? From ALL New Zealanders - time to move on and take NZ in to the next century in a healthy financial position.

10 July 2013

they have all been settled so many times over.

21 August 2014

Reasons for Remain Neutral

there should be no need for further claims. reduce the need and you have problem solved. And I am NOT talking about genecide!

18 January 2008

Put a stake in the ground about 2015.

10 October 2010

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