It's time for a new Treaty or constitution?

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It's time for a new Treaty or constitution

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Reasons To Disagree

We have a constitution, it's just unwritten. We are one of three nations that use an unwritten constitution and the motherland being another. The problem with a written constitution is that it is immutable whereas times and tides are not. The American version is wrought with difficulties and has been bastardised on several occassions to make more relevant...the right to bear arms springs to mind.... An unwritten constitution holds certain priciples evident which enables a shifting interpretation that is loyal to the principles that guide society.

25 November 2005

I think we're served pretty well with our (partly) unwritten constitution.

30 January 2006

we should just get along if we like it or not

10 November 2006

We need to consider the circumstances of the signing of the treaty. The treaty has become religion with some. TR

5 January 2007

create a new treaty and it would feel like you have alienated the country and taken everything away from new zealand

20 March 2008

The Treaty of Waitangi is already a constitution. What constitutes fair play? Modifying behaviour and gratitude would go a long way to forming unity.

10 February 2012


Reasons To Agree

The bill of rights is not strong enough, we need something that the politicians cant play with, the current treaty is a good start, but it doesnt go far enough, clearly enough, the american constitution is well written, clear, complete, as is the canadian one, we need something just as well written

19 September 2005

I think this idea should go to a referendum and the public asked what their take is on the situation. I think that we need a Bill of Rights that is binding, The courts should be given more clout in determining legislation by parliament to be unconstitutional and unjust. Perhaps this would open a whole other can of worms but the option for debate should be allowed.

29 November 2005

As long as the new constitution fully integrates the treaty of waitangi into it, and does not use a new treaty to deny tangata whenua their full rights and their descendants. It is time to remove the treaty from the feet of politicians who use it as a ball to kick around to gain votes from redneck NZers.

11 January 2006

Since 1688 the Crown has been an entity of theatre and the duties of its representatives such as the Govt-General nothing but actions of ceremonial token gesture that cost the taxpayers 3.75 million pa to maintain. The duties of the G-G should be included in a new "entrenched" constitution

4 February 2006

Times have changed, we should too

25 March 2006

Yes - we ought to have a constitution - to define the rational rights and freedom of the individual as being common to all and special to none. Perhaps more importantly to define and restrict the purpose and power of governement. The American Declaration of Independance would be an excellent starting point. It is vital that any constitution preevnts the tyranny of the majority - the biggest problem with democracy.

20 May 2006

Amen... to something akin to America's Declaration of Independence. The most beautiful legal document ever written. Enlightenment thinking set men free from tyranny and oppression. It could do so once more. Down with cultural relativism! Hail the sanctity of the individual!

10 December 2007

It is time that NZers agreed on a consititution which enshrines the principles of the Treaty into Law as well as describing the way we want our Govt to work.

28 October 2008

A constitution that treats all legal citizens of New Zealand equally and guarantees certain rights forever.

4 November 2008

i am maori and the treaty should be abolished and all of new zealand returned back to maori control were we will eliminate polutive activity such as oil, chemicals, trechary, and stop the replacement of nature with concrete

18 February 2010

I think it is a great idea once more of the Treaty of Waitangi has been sorted out and equality is being achieved. It should not be a permanent treaty and it should be edited with changes in equality.

29 June 2011


27 August 2012

Reasons for Remain Neutral

that gives a carte blanche to some pretty inept present day polititicians! the ideas are all there, we just have to believe them as a counrty.

18 January 2008

Constitution, yes. New treaty, No.

2 December 2012

new constitution yes...

10 July 2013

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